Return to Dew Mountain

So, yesterday I got out of the house FINALLY after the huge snow we had this week, and of course I went straight to CVS. Ok, that’s a lie. First I went to drop off some jeans to get hemmed but ONLY because it’s I have to drive past that shop to get to CVS. Oh, and did I mention my DADDY drove me in his 4-wheel drive? Yes, this CVS run was that important! Can you guess what I got? It wasn’t the most profitable transaction ever, but sometimes you gotta dew what you gotta dew.


Five 12-packs of Mountain Dew $3.34 each = $16.70(I already put on in the fridge when I took this picture. Couldn’t waste any time!)
Four L’eggs pantyhose clearance at $1.25 each! WOOHOO! (Couldn’t pass those up!) $5
Two Gatorade/Propel $1.25 each = $2.50
Tostitos $3
Fusion Gamer razor $7.99
Total = $35.19

I only had two coupons! A Rite Aid $5/$25 and a $4 Fusion q
Total = $26.19
I used 24 ECB and paid $3.05 on a CVS gift card, and got back 14 ECB – 10 for the Pepsi products and 4 for the razor!


How did YOU dew (I can’t stop myself!) this week? For more couponing adventures, check out CVS Superstars at the Centsible Sawyer or Super Savings Saturday at Money Saving Mom.

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9 Replies to “Return to Dew Mountain”

  1. Come to Momma lol – I’m going to CVS today 🙂 I just started drinking Mountain Dew last year and love it. I’m even getting into the new Dew Volt flavor!

  2. No good coupon deals this week. Actually, I went grocery shopping twice with NO COUPONS. I know… you are so ashamed… but it was for staples.

    I did, however, go out to dinner last night and had 4… count ’em FOUR refills of Dr. Pepper.

    I have fallen off the wagon too. But I’m still not letting it into my house.

  3. Since I’ve been subbing, I’ve also been dewing not so well with the dew. I had been down to one Dew a day (of course, it was a very large 44 oz from Speedway), but this week I’ve had a little more than that. I’ve gotta get back into water!

  4. Sorry you fell off the wagon, at least it’s not cigarettes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go do the Dew, we all have our vices. Mine involves biting the heads off of yummy little gummi bears, Haribo is soooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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