Which is Worse? Junkie or Addict?

It’s official. I am HOOKED on couponing and bargain shopping! I just returned from an amazing trip to Target and CVS. I got some AWESOME deals! When I called my husband to tell him I was coming home, I said, “No offense, honey, but I think I’ve just had the most exhilarating night of my life!” (He WAS, indeed, offended.) It’s almost midnight, I usually go to bed around ten, and I’m so hyper I’m annoying myself. I’m on a couponing HIGH! I am ADDICTED! Bobby just asked me, “WHAT are you on?” ’cause I’ve been dancing around the living room like a 13-year-old mixing Pop Rocks with Red Bull!! What’s got me sooo excited? How about the fact that I got all THIS:


for $6.03 out-of-pocket at Target. That’s four glade scented oil candle trios, six travel packs of Huggies Wipes, a Hudson Hornet car for Joshua (Merry Christmas!) and two packages of post-it-notes. I LOVE Target and I usually spend WAY TOO MUCH there. Not tonight!! Thanks to my BFF Crystal at Money Saving Mom, I learned that when you buy said Glade candle or the Glade Wisp Flameless Candle, you get a $5 Target gift card. Well, I had two B1G1 Free coupons from Coupons.com for the scented oil candles, plus, coupons for $4 off from a newspaper insert a few weeks ago. Crystal also alerted her blog readers to a $3 off two huggies products coupon good only at Target. Those travel packs of wipes were 97 cents each, and so the coupon took an extra $1.06 off my total! So, I paid $5.27 for two candles and two packs of wipes and got $10 in gift cards. THEN, I went back and did the deal again, but this time I got FOUR packs of Huggies wipes, and used TWO $3 off coupons in addition to my B1G1 and $4 off Glade coupon. This time my total was only $4.14, and I put it on a GIFT CARD and got $10 back in GIFT CARDS! Making my total profit $15.86. HOLLA! I then used those gift cards and some $2 off post-it-note coupons (post-its were $1.19) to buy my rubbermaid drawer which we really needed, and the Hudson Hornet car for Joshua for Christmas. My out-of-pocket total was 76 cents on this final transaction. So all in all, I spend $6.03. NOT. TOO. SHABBY!!!!

My CVS haul was awesome too. My kids now have plenty of stocking stuffers, but I will save that post for SUPER SAVINGS SATURDAY!

Allright, I am starting to come down from my shopping high now…better get to bed before I start getting the shakes!!

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19 Replies to “Which is Worse? Junkie or Addict?”

  1. How long can I just sit back and watch this addiction eat away at you?

    But nice crates! And I noticed some Cars toys too… maybe just one coupon… NO BusyDad!! Be strong! NO!!

  2. Yeah well you know how much I spent at Target last night?? Let’s see… between the two transactions… carry the four… about $100.

    Wanna know what I got? Um… well… I can’t remember.

  3. you need to hire yourself out as a personal shopper……wish I lived closer we could hit target together and do these things!!!!! keep the tips coming. gotta go now to CVS again for batteries 😉

  4. BD thinks we should stage a coupon/shopping/CVS intervention for you.
    😉 This makes what? 3 posts about CVS and/or coupons.
    Damn woman 🙂 LOL! You are the coupon queen! Rockin’ deals girl!!

  5. LISTEN from now on I promise only to post on this topic on Super Saving Saturday OK?? GEEZ. (unless of course there is some hot deal you all need to know about.)

  6. You go, girl!!

    Sorry I haven’t been around! NaBloPoMo killed my blog spirit, and plus we’ve been suuuuupper busy prepping for the holidays!

  7. and I thought I was good by getting FREE CORN last week at the grocery store and $.20 pizza rolls. I so bow to you, oh Sensei. I hope to get lessons from you soon.

  8. If you can get that pile to include a Large bag of M&Ms and a 2 liter of Caffeine Free Coke then you have something. I just see wipes and tuperware. BD nailed…you need to come to grips with the addiction…Anon.

  9. Last night when you sarted saying things like..”rinse and repeat,” I truly knew you had moved to a different place in your exsistance. Who knew there was a coupon LANGUAGE!?

  10. thanks – i had a lot of fun this morning! They gave me trouble about my internet coupons, but did let me use them. I paid $16 out of pocket but I have $10 in Gift Cards to save for a nice clothing item when they go 75% off! I got 2 candles, a refill, 4 wipes, 2 bags of chocolates, 2 post-its. They wouldn’t let me use the post-it coupon a second time? Oh well, still happy with my loot!

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