Calgon, take me away! Before the Looney Bin does.

Yesterday about 4:30 in the p-m, my house became a living, breathing, not-made-for-tv Calgon commercial.  I was *trying* to make dinner for my family and also my friend E’s family (you know, E, of GimmE Five fame, YES.YOU.CAN still give $5 to help her beat cancer! Plug Plug.) and all h-e-double-hockeysticks flippin’ broke loose.

I’m in the kitchen with two steaming pots on the stove, and Jonah is in his swing in the living room, snoozing peacefully, while the big kids are playing legos.

Until the big kids start screaming at each other over who can touch which legos when, and the baby wakes up and then also starts screaming, because REALLY, apparently that is the thing to do at this moment if you are the spawn of Jenny and Bobby Rapson.

So then I of course, scream at the big kids to JUST.BE.NICE!  All I’m asking you to do here is play, people. PLAY. Is that so bad???

Then I pick Jonah up and get him calmed down.

Finally, I return to my steaming pots and fortunately neither of them have boiled over or caught fire.  Yay!  And the dinner turned out pretty good I thought! (It was a recipe I am reviewing for ReadySetEat.  Cheesy Chili Mac – yum!)

I got dinner together and the kids and I ran it over to E’s.  Which is really no problem at all, as she lives really close.  *BUT* Sophie was heartbroken when told that we were only dropping dinner off and weren’t going in to play with Olivia, E’s daughter.  (Olivia, could you be less fun and charming, please?  Geez!  Your allure is really inconveniencing me here.)  As soon as I pulled away from their house, she yelled “Wait! Go back!  You have to go back!” and proceeded to SOB all the way home. Dra-MA!  I assured her we’d have Olivia over soon but since it wasn’t right-this-second, it was not good enough.  I dragged her into the house and mopped the tears and snot from her face.

Then I pleaded aloud for the Calgon people to come take me away and plunge me into a warm, idyllic bubble bath.

No one showed up.

But, no one showed up with a straitjacket, either.

So there’s that.

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5 Replies to “Calgon, take me away! Before the Looney Bin does.”

  1. Screaming is also the voice of choice in our house too. I only have one kiddo and she screams for no apparent reason ~ like the dog is looking at her 🙂 and if she isn’t screaming, she’s whinning!! UGH!! is this the beginning of the “wonderful” 3’s???

  2. There are days I would gladly go to the loony bin for some quiet time! You call them for me, I’ll call them for you?!

  3. The first time my mom heard that Calgon commercial, she thought the woman was screaming “Now, God. Take me away!” I think of that every time I hear that slogan now. My mom laughed like crazy when she realized what the woman was actually saying.

  4. These days are TOO frequent in my house. Especially at bedtime. What is it with kids?

    These are the days I have to keep repeating to myself “this is just a stage. this is just a stage. we can all get through this. this is just a stage.”

    Glad your dinner turned out well at least. And everyone survived!

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