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A little less than two years ago, I found out that a friend of mine, Jeni, whom I’ve written about before because of her fab business Custom Carabella’s, was about to become (in addition to being a mom of three) a foster mom.  I was totally surprised (because I’ve never known anyone who did that), and extremely impressed (because I think it would be a seriously hard thing to do). But Jeni has a real heart for kids who needed families, whether temporarily or permanently, and she has been foster mom to B, a darling little boy, since he was just a few weeks old.  Since then, she has been encouraging and recruiting others to care for kids who need families.  She’s become a crusader for kids who live in Greene County, Ohio, which is the county just next to where Emily and I live. One thing I’ve heard Jeni say as she has worked to spread awareness about the need for loving foster families is that many people say they’d like to help, but they don’t feel called to foster.

Well now, Jeni has come up with a way that those people can help.  A way we ALL can help.  And I am going to challenge you, my readers, especially if you live in the Dayton area, to help Jeni out on this one!  She has single-handedly committed to providing NEW Christmas presents for every child in foster care in Greene County.

So she has committed to it, and I am asking YOU to help her make it possible!  You can check out her blog post here on the exact details of how this all came about.  As a foster mom, Jeni knows that a lot of foster children receive nothing from their birth families on holidays or birthdays (her own foster son got nothing for either from his birth family).  It can be a terribly lonely time for kids trying to fit into their foster families own holiday traditions.  And, many of these kids have little or no possessions of their very own to even take with them from family to family.  Jeni has committed to providing each of these children with at least one wonderful possession of their very own.

So, how can you help? You can give.  You can sponsor a child in Greene County foster care’s Christmas present.  You can give $100, $50, $25, or any old amount you want!  I am going to challenge you, like I did when my friend E was working to beat Ovarian Cancer, to give at least $5.  Emily and I have chosen to sponsor a gift for $50, because once again, we are not going to ask you to do anything that we would not do ten times over!

So, I am asking you, especially if you are local, but even if you’re not, please help make this Christmas amazing for the kids in foster care in Greene County, OH. Let’s show them some love, and help them believe that they are lovable.

Here is the button to donate to PayPal – go give!

And before you do, or after you do, please go read Jeni’s blog about this effort – Fostering Christmas Care.  Take a couple minutes to read how this amazing effort came about!

Jeni’s goal is to have all the funds raised by November 6th (which just happens to be Orphan Sunday) – so get clicking and get giving!  LET’S DO THIS, Mamas!!

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