My Baby’s Almost Two! What’s a Mom to Do?

joyful, joyful

Sophia Diane will be two in just ten days. TEN DAYS!?! How is that possible? When she was a crazy baby, Bobby would always say, “I can’t wait til she’s 2! Then she’ll be so much easier to deal with.” Hmm…sort of. Since that statement, and all our parenting assumptions in general were based on our experience with Joshua, the World’s Easiest Baby/Toddler, that hasn’t *exactly* panned out. But she is finally talking more, FINALLY weaned, and she has been sleeping really well through the night for almost a year now.
So she is getting to be more like a little person, and she is as SWEET as can be, my friends. Sweet as sugar. (Except for when she’s screaming her head off in a chicken costume while we’re trying to get ready for trick-or-treat. Then she’s just SCARY. See?)

scary chicken

Not that any of this matters. What REALLY matters, mah peeps, is WHAT THE HECK KIND OF CAKE AM I GOING TO MAKE HER FOR HER BIRTHDAY!?!?!?

Yes, it’s time for my yearly Birthday Cake Freak Out!

Because, as we all know:

The amount of time and effort you put into the birthday cake = how much you love your child.

Right, Emily?

So HALP ME, Peeps! What kind of cake should I make?

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13 Replies to “My Baby’s Almost Two! What’s a Mom to Do?”

  1. I love that while your child was screaming you had time to snap a picture. That one will come back to haunt her later.

  2. I say make Alphabet Cupcakes in honor of So’s love for watching the PBS shows with her big bro – such as Super Why. Then she can show off and name all the letters at her party! 😉

  3. Made me laugh this post. It’s quite worrying when they get to 2, you suddenly realise how quick it’s gone. But has it, at times it can feel like it’s dragged (in the early days anyway). I suppose just enjoy them for whatever age they are. It soon goes and they soon grow up.

    Good luck with your cake making.
    J x

  4. butterfly birthday….just got napkins, plates in that theme at the dollar store. our girls could have matching birthdays 2 weeks apart…..

  5. It seems we have a few similarities…Your baby is turning 2 and my baby just did. Claire was a chicken for trick or treat night, too (only she loved it and was quite proud of herself). And lastly, I read your blog and past blogs on your cakes and I am the same way. I love to make my kids cakes, regardless of the added stress it entails. We had Claire’s little party last Saturday and I made her an Elmo cake since she like Elmo a lot. Haven’t posted it yet, but will soon. Anyhow, I’m sure whatever it is, your daughter will love it. I always remind myself who my “audience” is and it does take the pressure off. =)

  6. We just made one of those “pull apart cakes” that is made with a bunch of cupcakes, then they form together to make something… ours was a purse…. these are so simple to make, the kids love them, and are way less messy than a real cake! Good luck!

  7. For Hannah’s second birthday I made this cake with a silhouette on it. I just cut out the picture on paper, laid it on top of the frosted cake and sifted powdered sugar around it. When you take the paper off, the silhoette is left. It is really cool. I cut out a picture that looked like a paper dolly. Super cute!!

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