Rough morning.

I got my daily dose of mommy-guilt pretty early this morning.

As we were getting ready to leave, the kids were in the car and I was going back and forth into the house getting everything we needed to leave, and as I walked out the door for the last time, I could see Kate crawling around in the backseat. I pointed at her and said “Get in your chair!” I was really just kidding and didn’t mean to come off harshly, but she couldn’t hear me and could only see my hand gestures.

When I climbed in the car, her lip was quivering, and she said to me, “Mommy, why did you yell at me?” And as I assured her that I didn’t mean to yell or hurt her feelings and was just being silly, the tears started flowing. It wasn’t a manipulative cry, or a I-didn’t-get-my-way cry, she was genuinely sad. And it just about broke my heart.

A couple minutes later, I heard her say “I am going to wear my Hello Kitty jammies to school when it’s pajama day,” and when I turned around and saw the big smile on her face, I could tell that all was forgiven. And when I dropped her off, she playfully pushed me out the door as she always does. She was fine, I know she was.

But it left me very unsettled this morning, and I’m not sure how to get past this feeling.

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5 Replies to “Rough morning.”

  1. no one is perfect-trust me. when she gets home just love on her.
    it sucks when, as mom, you do things you never meant to and it makes your child sad, but don’t stress about it, she was fine when you left and will be happy to see you when you pick her up.

  2. And this is why my husband drops them off in the morning! Otherwise I bet half my days would start like this. It does break your heart when your child is sad and you feel like you caused it. On days like this, I pick up a kid’s movie and McD’s on the way home. Then they are happy and you are the greatest mom in the world. Sorry you had a bad morning!

  3. If I had a dollar for every thing I’ve done wrong as a parent…..

    I don’t even wanna think how stinkin’ rich I’d be. 🙁

    But somehow my kids are “normal.” Well, at least as normal as I am which isn’t saying much!

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