WFMW: Being prepared in bad weather – what works for you?

I’m declaring today backwards Works for Me Wednesday, because I want to know what works for you!

It’s cold as balls here in Ohio, and today we’re under a winter weather advisory. This morning on my way to work, I was thinking about the Big Ass Wind Storm of 2008. Andy and I were totally unprepared in terms of emergency provisions, and the same would be true if we had car trouble or whatever and were stuck in the snow.

With two kids and a type 1 diabetic in the fam, it’s probably a good idea to have a backup plan that’s better than trying to dig fruit snacks out of the floormat, should a situation arise.

When I searched google to find out what I should put in my car, though, I came up with lists of dozens of things that I wouldn’t know how to use even if I wanted to. So, I’m turning to you!

What do you keep with you in case of emergency? I know all the moms out there have some great ideas – and also some great stories – so let’s hear ’em!

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12 Replies to “WFMW: Being prepared in bad weather – what works for you?”

  1. My minimal list:

    quart sized container of ice melt salt,
    jumper cables – with instructions,
    pre-packaged peanut butter and crackers,
    two spare diapers,
    spare wipes

  2. I’m like you, totally unprepared for cold weather. And, we were totally unprepared for the wind storm, too. We keep saying we are going to go buy a generator, just in case.

    It drives my mother nuts Im not prepared for the cold.

    Here is what she ALWAYS has in her car in the winter.

    Army Blanket
    Extra hats for everyone
    Extra mittens/gloves for everyone

    Her theory, if the car breaks down and you have to hoof it, you want to bundle up even more.

    Of course, my hope is my cell phone will work and I won’t have to walk anywhere…but I guess she could be right.

    My girlfriend keeps an extra outfit for all kids in the car, even older ones, in case of an accident ( potty, spills, etc )

    And, I just have a plain old emergency kit that I bought, all ready put together. It has flares, flashlight, a few tools…heck, I don’t know what all it has. Knock on wood..I haven’t had to use it yet.

  3. Blanket
    First Aid Kit
    Flashlight that you shake for light instead of battery operated. The batteries can freeze and then it won’t work anyway.
    prepackaged crackers or individual sized trail mix
    and before you leave the house, always grab a couple bottles of water. If you leave them in the car they will freeze.
    trash bags.

  4. Just so you know…I wouldn’t say this is the RIGHT way to do things. It’s just the way I do things.

    If I’m on top of it, I keep a big blanket, bottles of water and a bag of kitty litter in my car. (The litter is for traction, should we get stuck in snow or ice.) Oh, and a scraper. It sucks to be caught without a scraper. Also I have kleenex/napkins and a flashlight.

    Now that I have a kiddo, I often think that I should make sure I have diapers and wipes in the car, but to be honest, sometimes I don’t.

  5. Okay, this is our family’s way of preparing for the Ohio weather (IT IS COLD TODAY!!!!!!)

    We use our van for all family outings and I always have a blanket for each kid and one for hubby and me, a small container of kitty litter, a small first aid kit in the glove box, an “extra” diaper bag with at least 2 diaps for each of my small fries and a pull up for the older one and extra panties for her too. I also go through my kids closet each season and put something that is old/ugly/slightly stained into the bag for them. Oh, I keep a package of graham crackers and some boxed apple juice in there too. WE also have one of those emergency car kits we got at Wally World in the back of the car.

    Sorry it’s long….that’s jsut what we do.

  6. I must say, I’m not quite as prepared as some of the rest of you! I have a king-size comforter, basic emergency kit (flares, jumper cables, “Need Help” sign), snacks. If I go somewhere over an hour’s drive, I take my boots, hat and gloves for each of us. I figure I won’t be anywhere too “out there” that I couldn’t walk to safety or call AAA.

  7. After being stuck in Cincinnati on the side of RT 32 right before Christmas with an 18 month old (in that nasty ice at rush hour)I have put together a kit. Pretty much what everyone else said–diapers and wipes are a must along with something to eat and drink!! I was so unprepared during that ice!!

  8. I keep blankets, and always have those foil looking blankets in an emergency kit. Jumper cables are also always in the car. With a little girl that eats nonstop I always have some food in the car. If the weather looks bad I put our snow suits in the car, at least my daughters. I also have AAA. I know sometimes it isn’t fast if there are a lot of problems but it helps to know they are there.

  9. In three letters: AAA

    I know it’s not much of a plan… but it has been helpful on SEVERAL occasions.

    I also have blankets in my trunk, and extra socks in my glove compartment. I remember my dad yelling at me when I was little about wearing dress shoes with no socks… so I have always had a pair in my glove compartment, just in case.

  10. Non perishable snacks and some juice boxes for sure. If your child is in diapers, put some in as well. I got stranded a few years ago when Sean was 1. We were helpless. I had nothing in the car but 1/2 a can of stale sprite.

  11. A cup!

    My aunt was stranded on the expressway during a snowstorm for hours. She had to pee in a Wendy’s cup!

    Needless to say, someone gave her a Wendy’s cup with a bow on it for Christmas that year.

    I keep an empty cup in my emergency kit!!!

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