No, We Didn’t Fill a Baby Pool Full of Slime to Become Internet Famous

Hello old friends, and welcome NEW friends!

Allow me to introduce ourselves. We’re Emily and Jenny, two cousins who have been blogging at Mommin’ It Up since June 2007. We became moms within 8 weeks of each other in 2004, and by 2007 we just HAD to start writing about the ups and downs of motherhood.

Every year our kids (there are five between us, ages 14 to 7) go trick-or-treating together. This is a typical photo of us on Beggar’s Night, or any night, actually: Jenny is the weird one, Em is the normal one.

We blogged super consistently here for about eight years until I (Jenny) had to go and get a full time job and ruin EVERYTHING. My full time job is as editor at, a parenting site. And, since I write 5-10 articles A WEEK (you read that right) over there, my creativity was pretty much sucked dry. So we shelved Mommin’ It Up for awhile, always intending to come back to it when we could. We were also hoping blogging would go back to the way it was in our heyday 2008-2012 or so, when it was really about TELLING STORIES, not about starting YouTube channels and making viral videos. Neither Emily nor I are interested in being talking heads on a video screen. We ARE interested in telling stories through our writing about motherhood and married life with kids. USUALLY funny stories, but OFTEN hard ones. ALWAYS real ones.

We are NOT interested in making viral videos or fantasical Pinterest crafts in the interest of becoming Internet Famous. #sorrynotsorry

And sidenote: It’s harder now that our kids are older. Emily and I both have TEENAGERS now, teens who were THREE when we started this blog. We have to get permission to post ANYTHING about them, much less write an entire post. It’s hard.

BUT ANYHOO, let’s get to the reason for the title of this post.

About a year ago, we noticed that someone else was using the name Mommin’ It Up on twitter. There were TWO of them, just like us, but one since killed off the other and is now flying solo. People were mistaking Emily (@momminitup) for her, so Emily and I tweeted her something along the lines of, “Hey this name’s already taken, how ’bout you get your own?”

Oh wait, here is EXACTLY what Emily tweeted, and I re-tweeted.

mommin it up

She BLOCKED US BOTH on Twitter, and did NOT get her own ORIGINAL name. I mean, RUDE. All we did was ASK A QUESTION.

mommin it up

Though she can pry the, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram URL’s from our cold, dead, hands, she’s worked around it and just made her own very similar handles. And also, she’s made some “viral” videos that are starting to get her a little internet famous. Twice at least, the Today Show has posted her stuff and people come and like OUR FB page in droves. It’s KINDA GREAT! The most recent one was her filling a kiddie pool with slime IN her house and letting her kids go to town. A kiddie pool filled with slime INDOORS. And then she films it and sends it to the TODAY show? Yeah, clearly she’s just doing that because she LOVES playing with her kids.

mommin it up

When the Today show posted it just a little while ago, they again tagged OUR page. Because, yeah, she has a page, but because she STOLE OUR NAME, it makes it really hard for people to GET IT RIGHT. Seriously, lady? DO you not see how you screwed yourself by failing to be original here?

Look, if you know us you know Emily and I are super-nice, low-drama people.  That’s why we didn’t come out swinging after she blocked us a year ago. We don’t want to cause this woman any harm, but we DO want her to re-brand.

We  planted our flag on the Mommin’ It Up planet in the Internet Galaxy ELEVEN FREAKING YEARS AGO. I love Jesus and He loves you, but Lady, you need to re-brand. You change your name and allllll your followers stay with you. It’s amazing how that works, but we’re not doing it, ’cause quite simply, we were here first.

And thanks to you, we’re also BACK.

Let us know if you need any help with name suggestions.

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11 Replies to “No, We Didn’t Fill a Baby Pool Full of Slime to Become Internet Famous”

  1. That gal is totally in the wrong. And the fact that she blocked you instead of owning it speaks volumes about her lack of integrity. If a person likes a business name, it takes all of 22 seconds to Google these days and this one is obviously taken. No excuses.

    I’ve run a home business since 1998, and numerous people have “borrowed” the name over the years. One even e-mailed to ask if she could. Umm…no. Of course not. I spent the money to hire an intellectual property attorney and she backed down fast since she was in the wrong. I became a bit of an amateur expert in copyright and trademark rules after that. It is so important to keep owning, defending, and protecting your name. If you really want her to back down, you can contact her domain servers and any other pages referring to her using YOUR name. Most professionals are versed in copyright laws and will often remove references to the impostor. You should also be able to make a case with social media sites using their reporting links.

  2. Some people gotta lot f nerve don’t they?? And I’m not just talking about her stealing your name! That’s bad enoughm, but to let kids lose in a pool of slime…inside your house? She must not know much about seasons cause warm weathers not that far off. She could have waited until May or June. She must love messes! Slime and taking others names!Lol. Love you gals. Welcome back. With teenagers y’all must have all kind sof stories to tell. And just change the names of the kiddos and we will still laugh! ? only kidding. Sorts

  3. I am so excited! Welcome back and bring it on, ladies! Can’t wait to read more!

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