Digest THIS. Or diagnose it for me.

Today after school, I am taking Joshua to the doctor for a mysterious stomach ailment.  It has his stomach in knots and my blood pressure DANGEROUSLY HIGH.   High blood pressure with a side of RAGE.

What’s happening is, Joshua is at least once a day, feeling “sick” DURING a meal.  So he eats some, feels sick, wants to go lay down or try to puke, never does puke, and usually within 10 minutes or so can finish at least some of the meal.

The foods involved are totally random.  The times of day are totally random.  I don’t think he’s faking it, but we’ve been battling this off and on for two months, and I am the one who’s really sick – SICK OF IT.  I am beyond frustrated.

He never throws up, hasn’t had any weird bowel issues, just says he feels sick and wants to lay down, or just stop eating for awhile. He even went to the clinic one day at school during lunch, and lunch is his 2nd favorite part of the day (after recess of course).

This all started back in July – he did throw up in July two separate times after CHUGGING chocolate milk at restaurants, so I think maybe that psychologically damaged him and now he’s terrified of getting sick so he is worrying about it so much that he is making himself feel bad.

We’ve taken him off dairy and it hasn’t seemed to have made any difference.

Bobby doesn’t get home til 7 pm, so the kids have already eaten dinner by then. I am tired of doing dinner by myself for years anyways, I ALWAYS have to struggle to get Sophie to eat, and now THIS – it’s making me apoplectic. Joshua thinks I am mad at him, which is probably making his whole psychosomatic stomach problem worse. I am not mad at him, but I am BEYOND frustrated and I can’t really hold that in anymore.  I can barely hold ANY frustration in by dinner time, which again, I might add, I do by myself five nights a week, outnumbered three to one.

So, how about it, readers? Diagnose my kid for me. That way you can save me a $30 copay at the pediatrician’s office.  And though you probably can’t save my kid from intense counseling and therapy because his mom is so mean, the extra $30 could at least go toward those future therapy bills.  You have until 4:10 PM, Eastern time to figure this one out for me. GO!

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7 Replies to “Digest THIS. Or diagnose it for me.”

  1. I’d say it’s probably pychosymatic. I’d get some papaya enzyme from GNC and tell him it’s medicine and that it’ll make his stomach feel better. They actually are for stomach ailments but taste like candy and are harmless. Hopefully it’ll be enough to help him soldier through.

    My mom has a friend whose baby got a stomach flu and then straight up refuses to eat anything since then other than breastmilk. Still- like over a year later.

  2. Not much help from this quarter; however, when Shelby was about 6 or 7, she started pushing food around, eating like an anorexic, not letting her lips touch the fork, dividing her food UP, and I started FREAKING out!

    Everyone said, “Make her eat!” and that didn’t work, mainly because I didn’t make her eat. Diane took her to the DR. and she talked to her very calmly and plainly and said you have to eat or you’ll get sick…and that was it.

    Maybe a simple conversation with someone other than Momwho’sloosingitbytheminutemy might help. I’m sure Mac’s FB message will be good advice, and I expect to see it in a blog post SOON! I’m nosy that way.

    Mrs. Duggar, BTW, says that if one kid won’t eat it, another one will!


  3. It could be something as simple as stomach irritation or reflux (not that reflux is simple). My daughter had a similar situation where her stomach would bother her every time she ate and she’d feel like she was going to throw up. She went on one of the stomach medicines for a month and it took care of it.

  4. I have no idea. Could be reflux (friend’s son just dx with silent reflux…they took him off dairy too which ironically would have helped some) but I don’t claim to have a clue. Good luck! Dinner time is frustrating – hang in there.

  5. I was a nervous kid when I went to school, and it affected my eating …or not eating. And Beth had issues when she went into school…very sick at the stomach some of the time. Pray and love on Josh…and see what the Holy Spirit reveals to your mind and heart — I love Deut 29:29…and this is a “secret thing”!
    Also Ps 56:3 for both of you perhaps 🙂 Prayers for you!

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