My Current Must-Have Drugstore Beauty Products

I’ve been wanting to write this post awhile, I’ve got some favorite products I MUST share with you! Too good to keep to myself and a bargain to boot! I’m gonna start with hair products since I don’t write about them too often,as my hair is the bane of my existence (well, than and my forehead wrinkle.) But I’ve recently found some stuff that really helps me with my unruly locks! For starters:

suave moroccan oil

Suave Professionals Moroccan Oil!!! This stuff rules my world. It really helps control my frizz, it smells great,and a little goes a LONG way. It’s about $6 a bottle, so I always wait for a coupon/deal when I buy it, but it lasts FOREVER, and I use it every day. I apply it to the ends of my hair (like the bottom half) when it’s wet, and also use a little tiny bit on dry hair for touch-ups when necessary. It doesn’t weigh my hair down or make it oily, but it does make it soft and smooth. LOVE. IT.

Next is a dynamic duo for Garnier.


These Garnier Fructis stylers are called “Perfectors” and I think the name is appropriate. I use the Blow Dry Perfector cream by working a blob all the way through my hair before I dry it; it definitely helps make it straighter and smoother than when I don’t use it. It is seriously a MUST-HAVE if I am going to blow dry my hair. The Flat Iron Perfector spray is a miracle worker. It helps get my flatiron’s performance immeasurably. You can definitely see the difference between when I do and don’t use it. Also, I really feel it helps my hair stay straighter longer, it helps extend the style for another day which is vital because doing my hair is something I definitely have to force into my schedule. These regularly go on sale for $3 or so; last week at CVS they were $2.99 and I had a $2 off coupon – SCORE!!

Next up: some makeup faves!


I think I may have mentioned these as a score from the great Meijer Beauty sale last month, but I am still super-in-love with the Maybelline Master Hi-Light highlighting blushes. I have FOUR, count ’em four. They are ALL awesome, if you are going to show restraint and buy only one, let it be Light Bronze or Nude. BUT I LOVE THEM ALL. So maybe get a couple. 🙂 I got an awesome deal on them during the Meijer Beauty sale. I think they’re typically around $8 each, watch for coupons and sales wherever you shop! Last week CVS had Maybelline on an ExtraBucks Rewards deal so that always a good time to shop, too.

Mascara Must Haves Collage

Now let’s talk about mascara faves. I have reviewed the crap out of mascaras, but there are SO MANY MORE CHOICES of mascara than of any other cosmetic, I think mascara must be the cash cow for cosmetics company. I now have three favorite favorite favorites: L’oreal Paris Voluminous the Butterfly, Maybelline the Rocket and Maybelline Colossal Pumped Up! Buy any of these three and you won’t be sad. I also love to layer them, one coat of the Rocket, one coat of the Butterfly, etc. These are currently the trio I can’t live without!

almay cc cream

Finally, I think I’ve found my summer foundation. I really prefer mineral powder foundation, but have found that liquid works best when I’m going to be ending up at the pool at some point in the day. A few weeks ago I tried Almay’s SmartShade CC Cream and I really, really like it. It has GREAT coverage, looks wonderful, stays on, and has SPF 30 in it. It retails for about $10 but I’ve gotten some great deals on Almay at both Rite Aid and CVS recently, so keep your eyes peeled for coupons and sales.

Those are my current drugstore beauty faves! Have you tried any of them? What are YOUR faves? Inquiring minds want to know!

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GREAT Beauty Deals at Meijer This Week! #MeijerBeauty #doyourmakeup

Meijer provided me with a gift card to facilitate my review – all opinions are my own!

Ok you guys, honestly, I have never considered Meijer as a go-to place for beauty products, so when they asked me to shop their great beauty sale and tell you about it, I was totally game – I love a new beauty shopping experience! AND I found some amazing deals! Their beauty sale goes until May 17th but THIS WEEK is the week to shop. Let me tell you why!


DIGITAL COUPONS! You can sign up for Meijer digital coupons at, and load some amazing beauty coupons to your account by using offer code “beauty” (click on “coupons” and then you will see the offer code box on the upper right hand side). THIS WEEK only, there is a mperks coupon for 40% off any cosmetics coupon of $5 or more! What?? That’s HUGE! You can combine this with other great mperks beauty coupons, too and manufacturer’s coupons. For instance, I purchased a Maybelline lipstick, got 40% off via the mperks coupon, and also used a $1 off Maybelline coupon from the newspaper. There’s also a $2 off Revlon mperks coupon you can combine with the 40% off too – and lots more. It’s an AMAZING SALE! Just to show you what great savings you can get, I am going to break down my haul for you.


Here’s what I got:

2 Maybelline Master hi-light blushes, $8.19 = $16.38

2 NYX shimmer eyeliners $3.44 = $6.88

Maybelline ColorElixir lip color $7.49

e.l.f eye primer & liner sealer $3

NYC lipstick $1.79

total = $35.54

coupons: 40% off cosmetics purchase from mperks, B1G1 50% off Maybelline face cosmetics from mperks, $1 off printable NYC Cosmetics coupon and $1 off Maybelline lip cosmetics coupon from the paper

My new total after all those discounts? $16.90!!!! With tax I paid about $18.40. A GREAT price for all that stuff, and over 50% with all my discounts! Plus I got to try brands that my fave drugstores don’t carry, like e.l.f and NYX. I am totally pumped! I could not believe what a HUGE cosmetics selection they had.

This was just one aisle of several of cosmetics, and I didn’t even get into hair care and skin care which area ALSO on sale!

New beauty coupons will be appearing each week using offer code “beauty”, so check back between now and May 17th – but definitely go this week to get that 40% off.

Thanks for letting me sample your wares, Meijer! I loved it!

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The Best (and Worst) Drugstore Lipstick #doyourmakeup PART 1

best drugstore lipstick

Because I care so much about humanity, I am continuing in my quest to test ALL THE DRUGSTORE MAKEUP THINGS so I can tell you which ones are hot and which ones are not! If you’ve missed my previous reviews, you might want to check out my best and worst drugstore mascaras part 1 and part 2, and my best and worst drugstore eye shadows, too! Those were great fun, but today, today, I conquer LIPSTICK. It’s either a girl’s best friend or a girl’s biggest pain! I’ve tried about 50 bajillion types, so read on to find out which drugstore lipsticks are worth your hard-earned money and which are a waste of cash. Once again, I will use my grading scale of A to F, but I also want to let you know that with lipsticks, I am definitely factoring PRICE into the grading criteria.  There seems to be a much bigger price spectrum for lipsticks than for other cosmetics. Also, because I have tried so very many lipsticks, I am going to break this up in to a two-parter to make it possible to read it in one sitting. Are you ready? Here we go! I’m going to start with the cheapies because I am sure many of you have wondered how good these bargain-basement lipsticks are.

Wet ‘n Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection Perfect Pout Lip Color

wetnwild fergie

I made all kinds of Ferga-licious jokes when I bought this, but the truth is: Big Girls Don’t Cry about Fergie lipstick because it’s pretty great! At only $3.49, it gives a nice long-lasting matte color without being too dry. I give it a B+, it’s definitely worth trying if you like matte and you are searching for a new lipstick (and especially if there’s a SALE).

Wet ‘n Wild MegaShield™ Lipstick SPF 15

wetnwild megashield

I really like this lipstick, so much so that I bought it in three colors, and I may buy more! They all seem to be shimmer instead of matte, which I prefer overall (though it’s good to have options). I love the colors, the shine, and they aren’t the longest-wearing lipstick but they’re really good for $2.99, especially if you wear lip liner on your entire lips underneath (which you should be doing anyway). I would definitely recommend these, Wet ‘n Wild goes on BOGO 50% off at the drugstores often, so pick a couple up when they do! These also get a B+.

Wet ‘n Wild Silk Finish® Lipstick

wetnwild silk finish

This is otherwise known as the 99 cent lipstick. I must admit I was skeptical of this baby, buuut…once again I was impressed. I also have three of these. At 99 cents you need a couple of neutral shades of these to keep in your purse to have handy at the very least. They really stay on quite well, have a nice shine, and I honestly couldn’t ask for more in a 99-cent lipstick. They get a B+ as well.

Wet ‘n Wild MegaLast® Liquid Lip Color

wetnwild megalast

Now, lest you think the folks at Wet ‘n Wild have me on their payroll (seriously, though, call me Wet ‘n Wild!), I totally hate this lipstick. I mean, maybe I just got a lemon, but when I put it on, my lips instantly froze as if encased in cement. It was dry, hard, and gross. I could barely crack a smile. I couldn’t get it off my face fast enough! I feel like maybe I should buy another one just to make sure I didn’t get one that was freakishly messed up, but I can’t bring myself to spend $2.99 on it again. So, I must give it an F.

Wet ‘n Wild MegaLast® Lip Color (not liquid, don’t get confused)


This lipstick is much more tolerable that it’s liquid counterpart. It really stays on really well, but it’s a bit too dry for me, so I am always compelled to add some gloss to help it feel tolerable. It goes the distance for a long-wearing lipstick at a $2.99 price, and I like it better than most of the more expensive lipsticks that are marketed as long-wearing. So, I give it a solid B.

Ok, now on to some lipsticks in a more traditional drugstore price range.

CoverGirl LipPerfection™ Lip Color


Weeellll, I like this lipstick ok, I but I don’t know about “perfection”. It’s in the $5-$6 range, and I do like the way it feels so smooth on. And the color is great. But whatever makes it so moisturizing also apparently makes it not stay on too terribly long and not exactly stay where it’s supposed to be. It’s not the worst lipstick ever, but since CoverGirl makes the best mascaras, I expect more from them. I give it a B-.

Maybelline ColorSensational® Lip Color

color sensational

Depending on where you buy this, it can be anywhere from $6-$9. And I really think it’s worth every penny. I’ve tried many, and this wins the coveted title of  my Favorite Drugstore Lipstick. It stays on wonderfully without being try, it feels smooth and has plenty of moisture, and the color is fabulous, PLUS there are a million color choices. I only have two of these which is a darn shame, I need to get more as soon as possible! This lipstick gets an A+ from me!

Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick


I really like this lipstick a lot, and I want to like it even more than I do. It’s shiny, smooth, feels amazing on, I like the pencil-without-sharpening form it comes in, and it even smells good (although I am not sure that’s on purpose.) The only problem with it is it is not especially ling-wearing and at $8-$9 a pop, I want it to stay on longer. But if you like moisturizing lipsticks and don’t mind reapplying often, you might really love this. I give it a B.

Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm

revlon colorburst

I only recently discovered these “lacquer balms” and I looooove them. I love the pencil design, it makes it quite easy to apply.  The color is vivid and fabulous, and it really does have a fabulous shine –  no gloss needed. Plus, it stays on really well. I gotta give it an A. I have two of these and I’d like a few more! They can be pricey, though, depending on where you buy them.

Well, that’s all I’ve got in me for now…but stay tuned to drugstore lipsticks part 2, coming soon! And leave me a comment if there are any you think I should check out!  (Or if you have opinions about the ones I’ve reviewed here.)

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