Here we go again. Probably.

So, my surgery is scheduled for this coming Wednesday. On the one hand, after months of waiting I am so beyond ready to get the show on the road. On the other, I still have 9 million things on my “Surgery Preparation” to-do list, and now I’m running out of time.

Probably, I mean. I am probably running out of time. I am so traumatized by the postponement of this whole thing two months ago that I have a hard time believing it is actually going to happen. I keep thinking of things that would screw it up. Yesterday, for example, I stumbled over a curb and nearly fell off my cute wedges, and my immediate thought was “If I break my ankle, I can’t have my surgery.”

On the third hand, I feel like I am making far too big a deal out of this whole thing and I should just get over myself. I worry that this stupid surgery is all I talk about and that everyone is tired of hearing about it. (So what do I do? Blog about it. Again.) I also feel an immense amount of pressure (completely self-induced, btw) to bounce back right away. A few days ago I started researching post-op exercise plans, trying to determine how I can get back into shape asap.

That particular google search led me to an article about just how many internal stitches and clamps and staples and paperclips are involved in total abdominal hysterectomies and what exactly can happen if one tears, and let me just say it is not pretty.

But! The good news is that in just a few short days, you won’t have to hear me drone on and on about my upcoming hysterectomy. By that point, I will have moved on to being self-absorbed about my recovery. And then menopause.

I do wonder what that will be like – menopause. I mean, what if after going from estrogen-overload to complete estrogen deprivation, my personality completely changes? (Not that it’s ever been particularly sparkling, so maybe that would be a good thing). I could become No Filter Emily and say whatever comes to mind. Basically then I’d just say everything that I now only text to Jenny, and though I might make a whole lot of enemies, it would be quite entertaining. Or I could become Mean Emily. Ergh, I am pretty sure that’s already happened. If I come out of this more grumpy and irritable, my husband and kids will probably be on the next bus out of town.

Or absolutely nothing will change and I will have to come to terms with the fact that there’s not a surgery or medication or diet that will make me any different from what I am. And what then?

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I’m at it again.

Because I didn’t have enough going on, what with my upcoming surgery and instant menopause, imminent birthmonth, taking over as president of the board for the kids’ swim team, and, you know, holding down a full-time job and keeping two kids alive, I have decided to plan another trip to Disney.

Now, for normal people, that last line item there wouldn’t be a big deal – an all-inclusive Disney vacation can be booked and paid for within 20 minutes.

But we all know I’m not normal.

I’ve got to research the hell out of each and every decision, and I have to do it NOW because dining reservations need to be made 180 days in advance (okay it is not required, but every good neurotic Disney planner does this) and we are there!

Before I could make dining reservations, though, I needed to make a trip plan and decide which parks we were going to hit on which days. This meant scouring the internet for crowd calendars and daily lists of recommended parks and parks to avoid. And every crowd calendar says something just a bit different, so as soon as I decided on one thing, I read something to make me change my mind.

So, with the 180 day deadline looming, I finalized the schedule last night. I made a list of the date, time and location of each reservation we’d need and ranked them in order of hardest- to least-hard-to-get, and arranged my laptop and credit card on my kitchen table so that when the alarm went off at 5:50 this morning (reservations open at 6am!), everything would be set to go.

And everything was set! Andy and I woke up early and were waiting on the clock to strike 6, and when it did, we saw this.

image (21)

That’s right, 181 days to go. I was a day too early. So, we’ll have to do the same thing all over again tomorrow. But at least I will have another day to make sure everything is exactly right!

And I only have 121 days to figure out the FastPass+ system. Hold me.

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#SpreadsheetThanksgiving Social Media Recap!!!

Well you guys, #SpreadsheetThanksgiving was TOTALLY EPIC! In a good way. I think my favorite part about it was that I didn’t actually have to host it and I only cooked two things instead of 800 things. My second favorite thing about it was definitely the FOOD. It was awesome!!! Emily really outdid herself! My THIRD favorite thing about it was the company. I mean, our family is pretty great. NOT AS GREAT AS THE FOOD, so they ranked slightly lower, but still pretty great. Here is some photographic evidence of their greatness:

Emily’s daughter loves selfies. WHAT MORE COULD I ASK FOR?

My #selfie protégé! ?????????????????????? @momminitup #cousinsdoitbetter

A photo posted by Jenny Rapson (@jennyitup) on


Ummm, also. These children are supposed to be babies, not HALF GROWN UPS!

These children are supposed to be BABIES! ???? @momminitup @rapson2000

A photo posted by Jenny Rapson (@jennyitup) on


Jonah loves our Grandma. She is pretty darn lovable!

Jonah loved Grandma Burns!

A photo posted by Jenny Rapson (@jennyitup) on


Ok, but moving on. My FOURTH favorite thing about #SpreadsheetThanksgiving was going back later and reading Emily’s tweets from the days, and especially the night before. The night before #SpreadsheetThanksgiving was my husband’s birthday and I was all at his sister’s house celebrating with the Rapsons because YAY! BOBBY IS 37!!! So I was totally oblivious to Emily tweeting things like:

thanksgiving tweet 4


and posting pics like this:


And then andy had to plunge the kitchen sink. #SpreadsheetThanksgiving

A photo posted by Emily Berry (@momminitup) on


and then tweeting things like this:

thanksgiving tweet 7



This one made me laugh a little though.

thanksgiving tweet 5


But only because I dropped a bottle of shampoo on my foot and it CUT MY TOE the same day. Sheesh. ANYWAY.

All joking aside, #SpreadsheetThanksgiving ROCKED! Emily totes rocked it, from the place settings

Fancy tables! #spreadsheetThanksgiving

A photo posted by Jenny Rapson (@jennyitup) on

to the gluten-free sweet potato casserole.


And of course, Gibbles the Turkey was delicious. She cooked him REAL GOOD.


Well, it’s out of the oven. #spreadsheetthanksgiving

A photo posted by Emily Berry (@momminitup) on

It was a super-wonderful day filled with laughing children, incredible overeating, funny Grandmas:

thanksgiving tweet 1


And of course…SPREADSHEETS!!!

thanksgiving tweet 6


Great job, cousin!  You really earned some mad spreadsheet and culinary STREET CRED!

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