A Blogger Walks Into A Drugstore…

Ok, three drugstores. One of them multiple times. It is possible that I went a little overboard on the couponing this week. But as I now have enough of my faaavorite paper towels (Viva, they are the Rolls Royce of paper towels, thank you Walgreens for the great deal on those this week!) to last me for a couple months and enough laundry detergent for about the next year (at the rate I do laundry – hey I am saving it up for when my new Frigidaire washer & dryer arrive in May!) maybe I will take this week off. 🙂 Here are a few of the things I got!

Stop #1 CVS: My friend Jen and I went in, since I am her coupon guru and she is my apprentice. It was lots of fun, we made friends with the new manager at my fave store, and I got some sweet deals!

CVS $2.63, got back 8 ECB

Huggies box diapers $19.99
2 Excedrin $2.50 each
CVS pain relief $2
SoftSoap body wash $4.99
Total = $31.98

CVS $5/$30 email coupon
$2 Huggies printable coupon
$4 off Huggies big box diapers CVS CRT
Two $2 off Excedrin printable coupons
$3/2 Excedrin CVS email coupon
$.75 cents off SoftSoap printable coupon
$1 off any body wash CVS CRT
total = $14.23
I paid with 12-ish extra care buck and paid $2.63 cash including tax, and got back 8 ECB, 4 for the diapers and 4 for the body wash. YAY!!!

Next stop, Rite Aid! I am recently love, love loving Rite Aid. They have great printable coupons available through their Video Values program where you watch short commercials and get to print high-value coupons. SCORE!

Rite Aid $7.49 will get back $6 in rebates

2 Suave shampoo/conditioner $1.99 each
2 Carefree pantiliners .99 each
2 Nivea lip balm .99 each
Tampax $2.99 each
Satin care shave gel $1.99
Listerine pocketpaks $3.99
Garnier styler $2.99 (one of my fave hair products, I have been waiting for a sale for forever!)

Rite Aid $3/$15 printable coupon
$1/2 Suave manu coupon
$2 off Carefree Rite Aid video values coupon
$1/2 Carefree manu coupon
$1 off Garnier Rite Aid video values coupon
$1 off Garnier manu coupon
$1 off Tampax manu coupon
50 cents off Listerine manu coupon
99 cents (BOGO free) Nivea lip balm coupon

Total = $8.41 – paid in cash and I will get $6 single check rebate, 1 for the Suave, 1 for the Tampax, 3 for the Listerine and 1 for the Gillette shave gel. 🙂

Finally, WALGREENS. Now I will tell you that Walgreens is my THIRD-favorite drugstore. However I was in there about 80 bajillion times this week because they had some sweet deals I could not pass up. And I CAN BE BOUGHT. I do the coupon shopping for my BFF Luanne (because she is coupon challenged, and I LOVE her) and I went in a couple times to load her family up on toilet paper, paper towels (VIVA!!), laundry detergent, Kleenex, and feminine care products (she has two daughters, they need their own Fort Kotex) and I did a few transactions for myself as well (Viva, Kleenex, laundry detergent, clearance diapers, lots of free plus overage Tylenol PM!) Here’s a couple examples:

4 bottles of Purex FREE & tissues less than 30 cents each!

2 Purex BOGO free, $5.99
6 Kleenex, BOGO free $2.19 (for two)
total = $12.56
BOGO Free Purex – $5.99
two 50 cents off 3 Kleenex – $1
total = $5.57 and I got back 3 register rewards for buying the Kleenex, yippee!

Then, much to my frugal delight, I made a magical discovery in the baby aisle at Walgreens. They had some sizes of Walgreens brand jumbo pack diapers clearanced to $2.29. YES, I SAID $2.29 FOR A JUMBO PACK!! I about died of nerdy happiness. I got SIX packs as I have some peeps to get baby gifts for. I used several register rewards I had accumulated through the weeks and paid less than $5 total out of pocket. WHEEEE!! Oh, and I got two more bottles of Purex, (pictured with the kleenex above), WHAT UP!? Somebody give me a high five!

found diapers on clearance at Walgreens $2.29 for a jumbo pack!

Ok, that’s all for me this week. From Fort Kotex and the Viva Palace, I bid you happy couponing!

Wanna see some more sweet deals?? Check out the round-up at Shopping SUperstars at the Thrifty Mama’s place!

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‘Tis the Season to be Thrifty!

As I mentioned last week, my itch to score sweet deals has been getting more enflamed recently! So I headed to CVS on Sunday to try and get some freebies while the gettin’ was good. Here’s what I came up with!

this week's CVS haul!

I did two transactions.
Transaction #1:
Contour meter $14.99
Two Santa hats, $7.98
Gillette shave gel $1.99
Neosporin lip balm $2.78
total = $27.74

Coupons: $5/$25 Rite Aid coupon (my CVS accepts competitor q’s!)
$14.99 (up to $30 off off) Contour meter manu q
$1 off Gillette manu q
$3 off Neosporin (adjusted to $2.78) manu q
Total = $3.75
paid with 2 ECBs and a CVS gift card = 0 OOP, got back 5 ECBs for the meter and $7.98 for the Santa hats!

Transaction #2:
2 Nexxus shampoo $5.29 each
1 Nexxus conditioner $9.99
Emergen-C $3.99
Total = $24.56

Coupons: $5/$25 Rite Aid coupon (they rounded up for me!)
$5 off Nexxus Rite Aid coupon
Total = $14.56

used $12.98 ECB and paid $2.27 (including tax) out of pocket. Got back 10 ECB for the Nexxus and 3.99 ECB for the Emergen-C!

I was pretty pumped! I absolutely LOVE the Nexxus hair products!

Hope you all did great couponing this week! To see how everyone else did, check out Super Savings Saturday at Money Saving Mom and Shopping Superstars at the Thrifty Mama!

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Coupons are my Crack!

Ever since my Target Glade holiday candle score, I’ve been infused with a new burst of coupon obsession! So even though my beloved CVS had no exciting deals for me this week, I still needed to get my FIX. So, like any junkie looking to score, I lowered my standards and went to Walgreens! Here’s what I got:


6 Nivea Lip balms 99 cents each
2 Nivea lotions $7.49 each
2 Oral B toothpaste $2.50 each
2 Oral B kids toothbrushes $2.50 each
2 Glade soy candles $2.50 each
Gillette Fusion Razor $8.99
2 Liter Dr. Pepper, not pictured ($1 with Walgreens in-ad coupon)

Total = $44.91
Coupons used:
Three BOGO free Nivea Lip balm -$2.97
Two Buy 3 Nivea lip balm, get a free lotion $14.98
$1 off two Oral B toothpaste
$1 off two Oral B toothbrushes
Two $2 off Glade fragrance collection
$4 off Gillette Fusion
Total = $16.96 (before tax), $20.85 after tax

I paid with 11 register rewards, paid $9.85 cash and got back 10 register rewards! Not too bad for all that! Got lots of stocking stuffers and I got my FIX!

For more great couponing adventures, check out Shopping Superstars at the Thrifty Mama, and Super Savings Saturday at Money Saving Mom!

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