Your Mom Likes True Crime

true crime

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by true crime. When I was a young teenager, prowling the library like Miss Teen Book Nerd 1991, I stumbled across a book entitled “The Girl on the Volkswagen Floor,” about a local 1968 murder of a young school teacher in Kettering, Ohio, in a store parking lot.

From then on, I was hooked. My parents often watched Barbara Walters and Hugh Downs on 20/20, and there were plenty of true crime stories there. So I enjoyed tuning in on Friday nights and hearing about crimes and mysteries. Murder wasn’t my ONLY interest, though. As as a good teen book nerd, I read on lots of other topics as well. I don’t specifically remember reading any more true crime books until…

Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson were brutally murdered in June 1994. Like the rest of the world, I watched the O.J. Simpson saga play out over the next two years. I remember listening to the verdict on the radio in high school. I was incensed at the time that he’d been acquitted, and over the next couple years, as ALL THE BOOKS came out, I read them. All of them. Over the years I’ve also watched ALL THE DOCUMENTARIES.

I still think he did it, but now I understand more about why he was acquitted {we won’t go there, though.}

Anyway, after that I started reading Dominick Dunne novels, most of which are based on true crimes, and then digging into the real murders they were based on. (Dunne’s daughter, Dominique, an actress, was murdered – strangled tp death- by her ex-boyfriend, who got off on a manslaughter charge with just a few years in prison.)

And then I’d watch the TV shows: Cold Case Files, City Confidential, etc. Fast forward years later, and I still love watching these, and everything else I can get on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

ALL THAT TO SAY: I love true crime!

Now I’ve discovered true crime podcasts. OBSESSED. I listen all day long while I work.

Which has led my dearest darling husband to: a) be very afraid I’m trying to learn how to plot his death and b) constantly say; “Jenny loves murder.”

Which is NOT TRUE! I don’t love murder. I hate that people do this to one another. I wish there were no murder shows and books to be fascinated with.

But there ARE. Cause people suck. So, the fascination continues.

I love the mystery, the detective process, the amazing science when a case is solved. I mourn for families who, year after year, have no answers. I feel righteous indignation and rage for them, my heart rips in two for a mother who has a missing child.

I know it’s weird, but I love true crime. And podcasts and events like Crime Con prove I’m not alone! There are gazillions of internet sleuths who try to solve cold cases (I’m far too busy for that, but I do love to read of their efforts!) because they genuinely want to help grieving families. It’s kind of crazy and amazing.

So there ya go, now ya know. I really don’t love murder, but I like true crime. A lot. As a matter of fact when I need to take my mind off of the troubles of this world, I’ll oftensot back and watch a show about murder (Cold Justice, anyone? Yes please!) So I like to hunker down with a good murder show once in awhile! Is that a crime? (Spoiler alert, as a true crime afficionado, I can say it’s not.) I’ve even been tossing around starting my OWN true crime podcast…because if THIS mom likes true crime? Chances are your mom likes true crime, too!

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Here’s One I Never Thought I’d Write

Guys, I don’t even know what to say. Especially after it’s been a couple few months since my last post. But I am diving back in to give you an update that, if you’ve been with us since the beginning of our blog, you’re surely going to want to read.

Many of you will remember, I’m sure, that 8 years ago this month my good friend Elizabeth, aka “E” was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She fought it, and you, our very wonderful readers, raised a butt ton of money for her to help her family while she did so. And then after months of grueling chemo and hair loss and grief and joy and learning, E was cancer free.

And then after more than six years cancer free (which is usually considered cured), she wasn’t anymore. She told me at church one day about a year and a half ago. She wanted to keep it on the down low. It was just a tiny spot, a small surgery and low key chemo was gonna take care of it.

And for awhile, it did.

And then it didn’t. In October she went for a scan that resulted in immediate emergency surgery on her stomach to remove a large mass. It wasn’t good, she ended up with a ostomy bag. Since then, she has fought valiantly, but has only even had the strength and health for one or two chemo treatments.

In December she had the strength to write a couple of posts on her Caring Bridge site. I was hopeful, she sounded like HER. And she even asked me to bring her some magic Monat dry shampoo since she couldn’t wash her hair as much as she wants to. That brought me some joy. I was super super hopeful.

But a few days ago her husband Steve wrote an update that HE never thought he’d write, just like i can’t believe I’m writing this one. He was writing to tell us that barring a miracle, his bride will be with Jesus soon. I think part of me already knew, but it still felt like someone kicked me in the stomach. Which is nothing compared to how Steve and his kids Olivia, Quinn, and Turner feel.

I hope you will all hop over to the CaringBridge and read what E and Steve have written. E wrote at Christmas time that she was not afraid to die. ( I really want you to read that one guys. Dec 23rd. Will you read it for me please?) That, my friends, is a gift: because I can tell you when I walked this road with her 8 years ago she was very, very afraid to die. So God has worked a miracle in her heart and I am so thankful. She’s so strong an amazing, and has loved others SO well her whole life long. I want her here longer selfishly, but I am so glad she is not afraid to approach her eternal home with peace.

Friends, I ask for your prayers for the Koproskis. Pray for a miracle of healing, or pray for strength and peace for Steve and the kids. You know ovarian cancer has hurt my family and I hate to see it hurt another that is so dear to me. All of this is such a reminder to me that this world is not our home, that man and woman were created to live in a world where cancer didn’t exist. Sin changed all that, but we still have the opportunity to be in our forever home after we leave this earth, thank God. No more tears, no more cancer, no more young kids missing their mom.

Today I am thankful that E is my friend, that I got to watch her and learn for her in all that she did for others in both sickness and health, that she is teaching me still. But I am also super sad. Please pray for the Koproskis…God draws near to the brokenhearted.

I am full of emotions but also so overwhelmed that I almost feel like I wrote this clinically. So I apologize for that. I’m just really, really sad and I never wanted to write this stupid update. It sucks. Thank you, friends. For caring then, and for caring now.

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Stuff Jenny Forgot

Can you hear me now?

I think I remember how to do this! I only had to reset my password like 18 times but I am IN and we are BACK! If only someone had tried to steal our identity and go viral before now, perhaps our blog wouldn’t be defunct. Oh well! Big shout out to Lyz or whatever her name was for spurring us into action.

But anyway, we are alive and well and have been doing lots of fun things for the past couple years. Jenny mentioned some, but I thought I’d try to make her Non-Comprehensive List slightly less non-comprehensive, so I took a stroll through our Instagram feeds.

My LORD that girl takes a lot of pictures of herself.

At least she doesn’t mind looking like a moron in some of them.


Let’s see, what did we do for the past two years?

Well, we had two more editions of #SpreadsheetThanksgiving.

I’ve come a long way since the American cheese and spaghetti crock pot incident, people.

Our kids went trick or treating together. It was the 14th year in a row for these two.

Can you believe that? Me either. I would have been crying if I had not decided to take a red solo cup with me this year. Do you know how much wine fits in one of those things? A LOT. I think I stunned the neighbors by actually, like, talking to them as we walked through the ‘hood. Wine makes me FEEL THE THINGS, evidently.

Jenny’s been through several different phases of obsession since we’ve last talked. This photo demonstrates two such stages.

Someday I’m going to make a list of all the things she’s been enamored by over the years. CVS, coupons, mascara, the list is endless. I’m sure many of you could help me out with this endeavor.

She never tires, though, of her own face! And it’s only gotten worse now that she is in love with her hair.

Karma is a funny thing, though, because all the time I’ve spent making fun of Jenny’s vanity has come back to bite me in the @ss in the form of my 14 year old daughter, whose prized possession – a gigantic floor-to-ceiling mirror – brought Jenny to tears.

Well there you have it, the highlights, at least as far as we remember them. Thank you for the warm welcome back to our little corner of the internet, friends. We’re glad to be home.

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