WFMW: My Kids’ Lotion

It’s Works for Me Wednesday and it’s also true confessions time. What works for me is that the whole family uses my kids’ lotion. As a matter of fact, I use it more on myself than I do on them! We use Gerber Grins & Giggles, and I love the fact that they have so many different scents and are so affordable! You can usually get a 14 ounce bottle at Wal-Mart for around $2.50 and there are often coupons to be had at I also love the coordinating Grins & Giggles hair & body wash and I’ve recently found it at Big Lots for $1.99! My favorite scents are Sweet Pea and Lavender, and my husband uses the Oatmeal almost every day and it smells great, but not so girly. The lotions are very moisturizing and the hair & body wash smells fantastic, and the smell stays in my kiddos’ hair for awhile. I love it! (Once again, the good folks at Gerber are not paying me for this, although I can be bought. How many times do I have to say that before I get some free stuff??) So if you love to smell like your clean baby all day, go get some G&G! It works for me!

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WFMW: Goo Gone vs. The Boogie Man

It’s Works for Me Wednesday! Today I have a tale that actually began last Wednesday and ended Monday evening. A tale of a boy, a boogie, and a bottle of Goo Gone.

Last Wednesday night Joshua raced me up the stairs at PJ time. As usual, he won, and when I got there he was on his bed staring at his wall.

“I have a boogie in my nose Mama.”

“Well, I guess we better take care of that.”

“It’s ok, I just put it on the wall.”

Crap. I approached the wall. He was indeed correct. There was a big, dark green boogie stuck to his baby blue wall.

“Eew Joshua, honey! Don’t do that! Next time ask for a tissue!”

I went to the bathroom to fetch some toilet paper and returned to de-boogie the wall. Much to my chagrin, the boogie wasn’t budging. I grunted and made other effort-proving noises, but since I didn’t have one of those scrapers that the dental hygienist uses to get tartar off of teeth, I was out of luck! That boogie was stuck. It was hard, crusted, and GLUED to the wall!

“Joshua, when did you put this on the wall?”

“Um, I just did it yesterday. But it’s ok Mama, I won’t do it anymore.”

Yikes. Boogie plaster over 24 hrs old. This was not good. I went to work trying to pry it off the wall. After a minute, I finally got most of it off with my super-human mom strength, but alas, there was still a thin layer of boogie cement left. I decided to shelve this predicament until the next day so I could get Joshua to bed on time. The boogie could wait.

The next day I tried soap & water, 409, and elbow grease and that boogie would NOT come off. Then I thought about Goo Gone. I had used Goo Gone to get some tape residue off of Sophie’s dresser (which used to be my dresser, and yes the tape residue was from pictures I had taped there when I was like 16.) It had worked really well and was gentle on the dresser. We didn’t have any left, so I went to the store to get some. But I forgot to get it, and got lots of other things instead, because I have two small children and two small brain cells. So, Monday night the fam took a trip to Target and I remembered to get it then (though I will admit, it was my second trip to Target that day!) When we got home I eagerly rushed upstairs with my Goo Gone. I am happy to say that with the help of a q-tip and a lot of rubbing, Goo Gone terminated the leftover boogie and did not harm the pretty blue paint on Joshua’s wall. Yippee! And the lovely citrus scent ain’t too shabby either. So I learned this week, that not only does Goo Gone work on thirteen-year-old scotch tape residue, it also conquers week-old preschooler booger concrete. Who knew? Works for me!

(Oh and P.S. – the Goo Gone people are not paying me! (Although I can totally be bought!) Ha! I just like the stuff!)

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