Dum Dum Da Dum Dum Dum Dum….

In case you didn’t recognize it, the title of this post should be sung to the tune of the Olympic Theme! It’s time to get out your spandex!! (Or not.) MamaBlogga is hosting the BlogOlympics for the next two weeks are we are Olympaholics here at Mommin’ It Up! We hope to win a GOLD MEDAL! So go see MamaBlogga to learn how you too can go for the gold!

Free stuff excites me almost as much as the Olympics, so if it excites you too, hightail it on over to Mod*Mom to check out this amazing stroller giveaway! It’s a micralite Toro newborn transporation system by Sparkability worth nearly $800! WOW! Your baby is SURE to be superior to all others in this sweet ride.

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