Giving Away My Twenties…the “Big Birthday” Giveaway!


Well, friends, two weeks from today I will be the big 3-0. And guess what? The loss of my twenties is YOUR gain! To distract myself from my agedness, Emily & I have decided to have a big, fun birthday giveaway! That’s right, instead of getting birthday presents; I’m giving birthday presents to YOU! Here’s what’s up for grabs:

1) A Carter’s “Pretty Blue” velour dress with bloomers in size 9 months dress.JPG

2) A Milkchic nursing cover in Mud Pie from Elizabeth Elder at

3) A grosgrain ribbon keychain fob from Jessica at Pumpkin Head Baby Co

4) Two hair bows from Jamie at Bows2Cute (where I buy all Sophie’s bows!)

5) A Mary Kay Satin Hands Set from Independent Beauty Consultant Luanne Storer. Shop 24 hours a day! Visit Luanne, Your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant at

(If you have a business or product you’d like to promote and want to add it to our giveaway, we’d be happy to include it! Just email Jenny with the details!)

Here’s how to enter:
1) Post a link to this contest on your blog.
2) Sign Mr. Linky to let us know you did just that.
3) Leave a comment telling us if you are a winner, which two prizes you’d like the most. (There will be as many winners as there are prizes, and we will try to get everyone their first or second choice!)
4) If you are not a blogger, you may still enter but you must a) leave a comment and b) email our contest link to three friends and CC

The contest will end and winners will be announced on my 30th birthday, September 5th!
So get entering! And make me a cake while you’re at it! I prefer chocolate.

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43 Replies to “Giving Away My Twenties…the “Big Birthday” Giveaway!”

  1. If I were to win, I’d love the dress & the nursing cover. 🙂 This is an awesome giveaway.

  2. Oh Jenny….30 is the new 20, right? And you so are young at heart and fabulous which makes you not look a day over 25 (yes, I am trying to win the contest with flattery)!

    My two prize choices are the MaryKay Silk Hands set and the MilkChic nursing cover (for all those future babies).

  3. Happy early 30th, Jenny! I celebrated mine just 8 months ago and I’ve already forgotten about it, if that makes you feel better… =) You’re only getting wiser, right?

    My two choices are 1) Mary Kay Satin Hands set and 2) keychain fob from Jessica. Thanks so much – what a fun way to celebrate your big day!

  4. I just wanted to say that I will be leaving my twenties in one month and am dreading it! I think you have the right idea–focus on something else!

  5. Happy birthday! Next Spring is the big 30 for me- this is a fun idea! I think I’d pick the nursing cover and the keychain fob.

  6. Happy 30th!!!! This is a wonderful idea and a great giveaway, you wonderful gorgeous, thoughtful, kind hearted woman! 🙂 If I win I’d have to say #2 and #5 are my favorite!

  7. I love that you’re “flippin” it on your birthday. I put the link on my giveaways page and zipped you an email but I wanted to give you a great big Happy Birthday shout out! I’ve already hit my 3-0 and my 4-0 so I’ll have to do something like this when I hit the 5-0, but that’s not for another few years….THAT GOODNESS!!

    anyway, happy birthday! oh, I like items 2 and 5 but would be happy with any of them and what i can’t use, i can “pay it forward” by giving them to someone who will!


  8. Happy Early 30th. i’m telling you, you get smarter when you turn 30. Look forward to it.

    I already posted a link to your website on my blog. Can I still enter for prizes? I love the bows!

    Happy Birthday Again!


  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! What a fun way to celebrate!
    I spread the word and signed the Mr Linky… If I should win, I would have to say that I’d enjoy #2 or #3.

  10. 5 & 3 are my top 2 choices. Great idea & happy early birthday. My 30th is coming up in just under 6 months, love your attitude!

  11. Happy Birthday! I turned 31 this year, trying to peppy and cheerful about it. You are very generous to offer us gifts. I should remember this for my next birthday, maybe it won’t be so hard then.

    Lets see, I think I would like the Satin Hands and the nursing cover.

  12. Happy 30th – that is definitely a big one – but the giveaway is a nice treat! I’d like the nursing cover and the keychain fob – (with kids it is way to easy to lose your keys). No blog but I’d love to enter! Thanks!

  13. Happy birthday (early)! 30 is a big one!

    I blogged about your contest over on my site! If I win I would REALLY like the nursing cover (I’ve been trying to win for months!) or the keychain fob, it’s super cute!

  14. HOW exciting!! However I have a small boy so he won’t need those things but great contest idea! ANd 30 is a great age!!! WOO HOO!!! It gets better after that…

  15. I would love the Satin Hands! My girls are older so I would hate to take the other cute prizes away from other mommies. So if by some miracle I do get chosen and the SH is not available just jump on to the next lucky gal!

    Happy early birthday to you! I turned 30 just the other day… it seems… actually it’s been 10 years! 😉

  16. If I were lucky enough to win I’d like to have the key fob or the hair bows. I am going to be 40 in a few months and would like to tell you that my thirties were way better than twenties and that you should be so excited to know that even better days are coming!!!!!

  17. Happy 30th! I hope you have a great day. It’s so nice of you to celebrate with us 🙂
    The nursing cover would be my first choice and satin hands would come in second.

  18. Happy thirties!!! You’ll love it here!
    I’d love the nursing cover (oh and I NEED it) and the keychain ribbon thingy.

  19. I hope I did the contest right. =) I’m kinda slow sometimes! Anyway…what a good idea! When I turn 30 I don’t know if I’ll be as kind as you to GIVE away presents. I like the getting. hehe

  20. Thanks for offering the goodies:) I’d love the Mary Kay or hair bows and am emailing my friends so they can enter too.

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