Reflections of a Dog Owner.

As you may remember, after much consideration, last spring we adopted a dog.

Jenny implored me not to do it (if you haven’t read this post, read it now. It’s a Mommin’ It Up classic. Go ahead, I’ll wait.) But we did it anyway.

After a year of dog ownership, I must admit…

I do not get it.


Why people would choose to have a dog in their house is beyond me. The hair, the farts, the poop (the fact that the freaking dog caused me to use those awful words!!!) – it’s disgusting. Not to mention the fact that we are now THAT HOUSE – you know, the one you go to and innocently ring the doorbell only to be accosted by a barking dog? Yeah, that’s us. Yay.

But what about the affection, the love, the joy the dog has brought to my life?

I’ve found none of that. NONE. The dog and I co-exist, and that’s the extent of our relationship. I cognitively understand that many, many people experience these things, I just don’t. And it’s not that he’s a bad dog – he doesn’t mind being in his crate for hours on end, he’s never (knock on wood) had an accident in our house, and he doesn’t chew on anything but his tennis balls.

The problem is that he’s a dog.

And I’m not a fan of dogs.

I guess what I’m saying is, Jenny was right all along.

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19 Replies to “Reflections of a Dog Owner.”

  1. I don’t blame you. I don’t get people’s attachment to animals either. I also understand the idea of being attached to an animal and see how many people are brought joy and comfort by animals but I just don’t get it. I guess I also have a tiny heart. But I think I should start a blog to document the hilarity that is going to ensue from my dad and Heidi having a dog.

  2. AMEN! I also prefer to co-exist with dogs (and cats), at the maximum. I have to hold back the dry heaves when those dog food commercials talk about being “pet parents.”

  3. My kids have been BEGGING for a dog for what, 8 years? It is NOT going to happen. I have 5 kiddos (14 to 4), I figure I have enough poop, pee, hair, accidents, destruction, and chaos to deal with from them and the bazillion neighbor kids in and out of my house. I love the fact that most of our neighbors have dogs, so when the kids start nagging, I send them over to visit a neighbors pup! Or send them outside to scoop up the poop from the rude neighbors’ unleashed dog. It quiets them for a little bit… 😉

  4. Totally there with you. We have a sweet, well trained, quiet dog. I even laugh at some of its antics sometimes. But seriously, I could live without the dog. My house would be somewhat cleaner, less cluttered, and it would save me some cash too. I honestly don’t feel like my girls are that attached to the dog, but my husband loves the dog. I wouldn’t tell him, but I honestly believe our lives are too busy to really give an extra living being time and attention.
    Now, my daughter’s goldfish, I LOVE! That is my kind of pet! LOL

  5. I do love it when you admit I’m right. Although I think you knew that the entire time. There are dog people, and then there are the rest of us! Don’t forget the time the dog bit your kid’s face off, and the fact that I’m afraid it is going to bite MY kid’s face off now!

  6. When I was growing up, we wanted to get a dog, but my dad was adamantly against it. Finally, he said that if we could raise enough money, we could get one–never guessing that my sister would take him up on the offer. Everyone said that once we had one, dad would love it the most. That he would secretly love her.

    Chloe lived with us for 13 years, and every single second of it, Dad hated that dog. In fact, he never called her Chloe. He called her “Dog”. He never petted her–every once in a while, if she were in the way, he would put his foot out and move her out of the way (not kicking, mind you–pretty sure my mom would’ve divorced him over that one). They tolerated each other, and the day she died, my dad secretly had his own party of one while the rest of the family mourned.

    Now that he has his “granddogs”, he likes them better. He actually calls my dogs by their names, and even pets them. But he will NEVER have a dog of his own. NE-VER.

    Sounds like I need to start calling you “jim”. 🙂

  7. I like only one dog…Winnie… maybe because she was a pup when Sarah and Andy got her. But I intensely dislike most dogs. Yuck!

  8. If I am not mistaken, I warned you in this as well; “Heed Not The Call Of Dog”, just sayin’. UP

  9. how many times can I agree with this? I’ve never ever liked dogs or wanted to own one. I finally got sick of telling the husband no though. So in February we brought home an old pug. My hope with it’s age would be that it’s potty trained, and is lazy. I got semi on both of those. I’ve picked up more poop and carpet cleaned more carpets from this dog than I have with my own children!
    Sad thing is, I do sort of love this dog, and know that I wouldn’t have the heart to ever say “That’s it, I’m done!” I do however let it run off, without chasing it…maybe one day….it might not come back?

  10. I think some people love animals, and then some people are heartless, emotionless robots (I’m kidding!!!). I definitely got the animal loving gene, but totally get that not everyone has it! I’m the goofy sort that makes ridiculous voices for my dog and is basically rolling around with her on the floor. Same with cats.

  11. Stopped by to welcome you to Collective Bias.

    Ahhh…the great dog debate. Definitely loved reading the letter from Jenny to you warning you about not getting a dog.

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