Things I miss from the 90s: County Seat

things i miss from the 90s

Kate and I went shopping recently, and for some reason I got to telling her about a store that’s now long-gone – County Seat.

Who remembers it? The bright colors, crazy patterns, and matching earrings for every item of clothing in the store. It was the best.

I hope a lot of you recall that place, because evidently it only lives on in our memories. Stores that found themselves in Chapter 11 in the late 90s never existed, according to the interwebs. I thought for sure I would find images of County Seat goodness all over the place, but I was wrong. The only evidence that it was ever a real thing is in a few lonely Ebay listings, where the clothes are described as vintage.

VINTAGE, people.

But tell me they don’t bring back memories.

county seat 1

county seat 2

county seat 3

county seat 4

county seat 5

county seat 6

Man, I loved that place.

No really. I loved it. Like, a lot. A quick trip down my grandma’s hallway displays just how much I loved it. Check out these gems.

I am pretty sure I was wearing matching teal jeans. It's too bad the Olin Mills people didn't show them off.
I am pretty sure I was wearing matching teal jeans. It’s too bad the Olin Mills people didn’t show them off.
Earrings with the same pattern as my sweater were hiding under all that hair.
Earrings with the same pattern as my sweater were hiding under all that hair.

And here’s the real winner.

The bright color-block shirt almost makes up for the fact that my sister and I look clinically depressed.
The bright color-block shirt almost makes up for the fact that my sister and I look clinically depressed.

What do YOU miss from the 90s?

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19 Replies to “Things I miss from the 90s: County Seat”

  1. Oh my gosh, so many things. The Salem Mall, when NY & Co was called “Lerner”, Caboodles, that line of maybelline makeup that had matching lipsticks and nail polishes and baby blue and yellow mascara…I could go on!

  2. So I totally had the blue sweater with funky arrows and the polka dot shorts! Oh and so much more! Loved going to the Towne Mall in Middletown to shop at that beloved store! And I totally remember you wearing those shirts/sweaters! We also had matching shorts from County Seat that had the all different colored panels. Remember those Emily?

    1. Of COURSE I remember the matching shorts – what else would we wear to King’s Island? I’m sure there are all kinds of quality pictures of the two of us in our County Seat clothes!

  3. I shopped at County Seat! And I totally forgot about that store. We always went to the Salem Mall unless my parents wanted to drive “all the way” to the Dayton Mall. I remember wearing bib overalls with only one strap! What about Trapper Keepers? I couldn’t wait to get a new one every school year! I guess I don’t really miss that stuff but it’s fun to think about it.

  4. Benetton! I was obsessed with their big sweaters even though they cost too much for me to have more than like three over the timespan they were at Dayton Mall. I also miss wearing turtlenecks under v necks with leggings. I teach high school now and I only wish that is what the fashion was. The girls show way more than we ever did.

  5. My jacket THAT I WEAR NOW looks quite similar to the plaid jacket you have pictured. Jealous? It’s not vintage… I’m thinking Old Navy circa 2011.

  6. Oh my goodness yes! I LOVED County Seat. I thought I was so cool for wearing their clothes. I also miss shopping at “Lerner”. I also rocked the bibs with one strap circa NKOTB days.

  7. Anyone remember Merry Go Round???? I had to go there for my Z Cavaricci jeans and my IOU shirts!!! Remember “jams” and “skids”? What a trip down memory lane! This is great! PS – My husband used to have a Vanilla Ice hair do (there’s some classic 90’s for ya!)…and yes…I still married him!

  8. I managed County Seat stores for 12 years! It was a great company and the clothes are definitely memorable!

    1. I was a sr asst mgr at several of the Cleveland County Seat stores from 1883 – 1987 — I loved working there! Does anyone have any pics of the stores/merch from those days? I definately need to scan mine. I’d also love to get back in touch with my old manager –he was the best!

  9. I worked at County Seat for about 7 years! I recognize all the clothes in the photos. If they were still around I would probably still be working there as they were a great and fun company to work for. I still have a few items of theirs such as jackets and sweatshirts. I sure miss that place!

  10. Wow, I totally remember County Seat! Being a teenager in the 90s, County seat was a huge staple for me! I must have had a good 15-20 pairs of jeans from that store and several flannel shirts. County Seat was super popular at my high school. Everyone was so upset when they closed the County Seat at our local mall. I believe they closed in either 1998 or 1999. It was the end of an era. I sure do miss the 90s! Clothes were so much better in those days. I remember going back to school shopping with my parents at places like American Eagle, Gap, and Abercrombie & Fitch, back when those stores were actually good. Total nostalgia!

  11. I used to love County Seat!
    They had theonly jeans that fit my big ol butt back then without a huge gap in the waistband!

    Ohhhhh how I miss those jeans! Thanks for the blast from the past

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