Lands’ End – Quality Matters

Jenny & I got together on Saturday to shoot a little vlog about one of our very favorite topics – Lands’ End.

You know we love their clothes (zomg have you seen the new Ponte Collection? I’m in love) but we also love their outerwear. I was about to say “particularly for our kids” but that’s not really true – our coat closet is full of LE for all of us. It’s the best.

(I really want this, in case any of you are wondering what to get me for Christmas.)

We have a trade agreement in our family that clothes and such follow a pattern that goes: Kate-to-Sophie-to-Lily and Joshua-to-Sam-to-Jonah. The Lands’ End stuff our kids have go through those three steps and still come out looking great – it’s really kind of amazing.

Here’s a little video of the coats and jackets that have taken our kids through several seasons:

Our kids are set for their coats this year, but they needed some new winter-wear accessories, and LE was kind enough to send us some of their new things to try out. I am so anxious for Sam to try out this stuff that I am almost looking forward to cold weather. I can’t wait to see this hat on his head – it certainly looks great on Jonah!

And finally – boots.

As Jenny said, it makes sense for us to buy quality outerwear that will not only last our own kids a couple of winters, but will still look great when we pass them down to their cousins. (And with the exception of the new accessories, we did actually buy it all!)

Lands’ End is the only place we look, because they agree with us – Quality Matters.

What are you doing to get your family ready for the winter?

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  1. I eyed up the kids flurry boots all winter and ended up picking them up at the end of the season for under $10 (in the next bigger size of course). I was so disappointed with the boots selection in the stores! Why couldn’t I find my toddler boy reasonably-priced simple snow boots?? I’m really looking forward to breaking them in this winter and so glad he’ll have proper footwear. Kentucky isn’t quite Ohio, but depending on the year, we get enough snow and cold/wet weather to make them necessary. Yay Lands End!

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