I’m a Hazard to Myself

So the other day after I was trying to close the door of Bobby’s car with my foot (because you know, my arms were completely full of all the Stuff Moms Have to Carry in From the Car All the Time – you know, that STUFF?) and somehow banged my knee really hard on the corner of the door, and screamed and cursed because it hurt SO BAD (and yes it did bruise within 5 minutes), I came into the house ranting and raving about how sometimes I just freaking HATE being me.

{sidebar, was that not the LONGEST run-on sentence/paragraph EVAH? I know you loved it, Berry.}

Like last week’s attempt to make coffee that failed thrice, many things I do or don’t do, or can’t do, make me crraaazy.  Like two days later I banged my other knee on something else and got a matching bruise, but now I can’t even remember what that something else was, which also makes me craaaazy. I JUST.WANT.TO REMEMBER THINGS.  And also not bruise myself all the time.

For the past couple days, I haven’t been able to get this Pink song out of my head…

I’m a hazard to myself

Don’t let me get me

I’m my own worst enemy

It’s bad when you annoy yourself

So irritating

Don’t wanna be my friend no more

I wanna be somebody else

More often than not, I find myself in a state of annoyance…with myself.

Good times.  Anyone else?

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6 Replies to “I’m a Hazard to Myself”

  1. I wasn’t happy being me until about three years ago. Be patient, it’ll come, and in the mean time, you can cover those nasty knee bruises with slacks!


    ps…Huge Pink fan here.

  2. We love you bruises and all! And yes, I often want to be someone else. Someone with more energy, more patience, more coordination(runs in the family), more, more, more…

  3. Story of my life. I can NEVER remember where my bruises come from because I’m constantly bumping into things. Klutz + Bruise-Like-A-Peach = Bruise covered and completely forgotten why Emily.

  4. I love that Pink song! It’s not a terrible one to have in your head… and does it make you feel better that Pink empathizes?

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