She’s a MAN, baby!

Happy day-after-Mother’s Day! Has reality set in at your house, too? If you’re like me, you did absolutely zero housework yesterday because it was Mother’s Day. Which means today, your house may look like this:

messy house Just a big frightening mess with a vase of roses on the table. Everybody together now…SIGH.

But anyway. Despite the morning-after blues, my Mother’s Day was pretty great. We got a new bed/mattress which I am hoping will solve my back problems (ohpleaseohpleaseohplease) and Joshua made me a candy dish which I love – my first kid-made pottery!

Throw a couple handfuls of Starburst in there and this is the gift of my dreams
Throw a couple handfuls of Starburst in there and this is the gift of my dreams

Sophie made me some cards and pictures at school. This was my favorite.

sophie mom day
Note to self: Sophie’s love can be bought with baked goods.

(Although it makes me sad that she thinks my favorite thing is to work on my computer. But oh well. The kids never really see me doing anything fun by myself.)

And on Sunday morning, while I slept until a blissful 8:30, the big kids made me additional cards. With one thing in common.

joshua mom day
Joshua really phoned this one in. He can do much better!
sophie mom day 2
Good effort Sophie! Although it appears I am not wearing clothes and Bobby is wearing a burlap sack.

So what did a vain person like me immediately notice about these darling portraits my children drew? Let’s take a closer look!

My children think I am an Amish male.

Hmm…I don’t know…how about the fact THAT I HAVE A FULL BEARD in both pictures?

When confronted, both children exclaimed defensively that the beard in question was my long hair going down my back behind my head.


Something must be done.  I am the most manly figure in both of my kids’ family portraits! I need to either get a hair cut or a shave. What’s your pick?


P.S. Jonah is my favorite child because he can’t draw a picture of me yet.



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8 Replies to “She’s a MAN, baby!”

  1. For the record, I realized it was the long hair in the back because your neck is so skinny. Duh! Or… I just think like a kindergartener.

  2. Bobby needs to wear fewer black T shirts!

    And I totally got the hair behind your skinny neck thing, and I never even went to kindergarten!


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