Today we’ve got a guest blogger – my eight year old, Kate.

About three months ago, we started looking for a dog. We looked many places and then we thought we had one, but then we started to think that the puppy that we liked was not right for our family [Editor’s note: this is code for “My mom said ‘no way in hell.'”]. So we kept looking and we found this place that we really thought would be a good place to look. We started looking at different dogs and we met ones named McDreamy, Birdie, Reno and Butterball. And then we came back about a week later and we met two other puppies because my mom found them on her phone while we were waiting in the lobby. First we met a dog named Yonkers and then we met another one named Auggie, but Auggie was not as great as Yonkers. So we took Yonkers on a week trial and we started to call him Cyggy. My dad thought of the name. When I was about four, I started to think it was cute and whenever we went to a store I asked my mom if I could get a toy for Cyggy, even though we didn’t have a dog yet. So after about two weeks, Cyggy became ours. We love him very much and even my mom loves him. Even though she doesn’t want to show it, she does. [Editor’s note: No she doesn’t.]

And that is the story of Cyggy.

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10 Replies to “Cyggy”

  1. Nice work Kate. I’m so glad your mom totally went against my advice (although, really? What was I expecting? It’s QUITE possible that she’s torturing herself w/ this dog thing JUST BECAUSE I TOLD HER NOT TO.) and let you have Cyggy. [Commenter’s note: no I’m not.]

  2. What a huge responsibility… taking care of a dog and writing a blog post. You are a mean mom, Emily… but not as mean as me because your kids at least have a dog.

  3. What a sweet picture! Photo ops make the dog owning experience *slightly* better in my book!

  4. So cute! My kids want a dog. They ask everyday. I say NO everyday. I have a feeling they are going to win in a few years 🙂

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