Mommy Monday Tip: Everybody Etsy Now!

Today we’re participating in the Mommy Monday Tip with the fine ladies over at the Mommy Community. My Mommy Monday Tip is to tell you about a great website I recently discovered to find great unique handmade items for you and your kiddos: Etsy! Etsy is an online marketplace where you can browse, buy, and sell all things handmade. There are hundreds of sellers and you can find anything and everything, from bibs to cloth diaper covers to chic purses for Mommy. It’s great to find that special outfit or essential baby item that’s just a little different. I mainly dress my daughter in Carter’s but sometimes I want something that not all the other babies at the playground already have.

I learned about Etsy from my friend Jessica, who is very crafty and has her own Etsy store called Pumpkin Head Baby Co. Her baby & kid items are very fun and unique. I’ve bought several for myself and friends, including two of these soakproof bibs for Sophia. They are amazing – truly soakproof! Sophie is a champion drooler so I always put one of her Pumpkin Head Baby Co. bibs on her when we are going to be out for a long day. That way I don’t have to take several bibs with me. Jessica has tons of fabric to choose from, and I chose two funky purple prints that really dress up her outfits. I also love these sock monkey bibs!

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These make great baby gifts when you are looking for something distincitve, or are shopping for someone whose tastes aren’t quite status quo. For my friend Kelly, pregnant with a little girl but not absolutely devoted to pink, I bought a gorgeous brown, red, & gold patterned minky blanket & matching soakproof bib. They were feminine yet funky and really made Mommy happy! I also love the custom toddler clothes. Check out this adorable ice cream shirt I just bought for my cousin Ellie’s little girl’s 1st birthday (surprise Ellie! I mailed it Thursday!):

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How cute is that? I just love giving things that were handmade just for the recipient, even if it wasn’t me who made it. I mean, after all, no one would want anything made by me, ‘cause I can’t even sew a button. Which is why, for Emily’s birthday, I had Jessica make her this fab-U-lous purse:

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Now don’t you wish you were on my gift list?

So do yourself a favor and go browse Etsy! Some of my other favorite sellers are Onegirliegirl, where I got Sophia this fabulous hair clip, and SassySisters – two cute elementary age girls who design great jewelry. I recently bought a great pair of earrings from these girlies and they make me ridiculously happy! As does the fantastic headband I just purchased from their mom, who has her own store, Chubby Baby Designs. I think I have an Etsy addiction…

Now, go Etsy Everybody! If you see anything you like at Onegirliegirl’s shop, just mention “Mommin’ It Up” in the notes to the seller to receive 10% off your order!

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15 Replies to “Mommy Monday Tip: Everybody Etsy Now!”

  1. Thank you for spreading the word about this site! There are so many talented (and hungry) artists on there and it’s so great to get items that come from the heart!

  2. I have to admit that I love seeing all the great things others can make! So cute! The girly stuff is so super cute, it makes me want to have a girl. Yeah, we’ve talked about this. This thought only lasts a minute! I have my hands FULL 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my store! Etsy has really opened some doors for me! I am really enjoying my experience designing & creating clothes & other baby essentials! Of course I also LOVE shopping there! I love knowing that I am supporting other “starving” artists!

    Thanks for mentioning Chubby Baby Designs (my sister) and Sassy Sisters (my nieces) they will be so thrilled to find out that you mentioned them!

  4. I love that purse! It’s just too cute!

    Etsy is a great place to find handmade goodies. I wish I had more time to sew and knit to make my own stuff. Until then I go to Etsy and drool. LOL

  5. I love browsing through Etsy–wish I could create and craft like these talented women! Christmas is coming! Thanks for the reminder on unique gifts.

  6. I love hand made stuff, I can’t wait to check out the links you gave us.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, I’m so glad you did, I’m loving browsing through yours 🙂

    Have a great day,

  7. Etsymoms is a great network of moms in business at Etsy and through them I have made so many great friends! That’s also how I found out about Momminitup! I have a shop at Etsy that maybe some of you mommies would be interested in. I feature mother’s bracelets, name bracelets and the like. Take a peek!

  8. How awesome for you to plug etsy! Not enough people know about it.
    I also have a shop on etsy and love it! Being a WAHM mom is very rewarding and crazy!
    I just received earrings yesterday I ordered from SASSY SISTER and they are awesome! Etsy is a great place for mommies to shop!

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