WFMW: BellaBand

Now that I’ve hit week 13, my pants are getting a bit tight.

Ok, that’s such a lie – my pants were “a bit” tight at negative-three weeks pregnant, so now it’s past the point of no return.

Thank goodness for the BellaBand!

The BellaBand is a fun little contraption that fits around your mid-section. It’s fitted and elasticky (is that a word?) and it’s great for when your pants just won’t button any more. Slide on the BellaBand and you can wear your pants unbuttoned!

The best part is that the BellaBand is helpful at every stage of pregnancy – helping out with the too-tight regular pants, holding up the too-loose maternity pants, making sure your gianormous belly doesn’t peek out under your shirt, and, in the post-partum days, once again helping out with your too-tight regular pants!

The BellaBand comes in lots of different colors. I have the black one with lace trim, and I wear it just about every day. They are for sale in many stores and tons of websites. I bought mine at Mom4Life – free shipping on all US orders – need I say more?

I’m sure this comes as no surprise, but the BellaBand was created by a mom who couldn’t button her pants either… and we all love to support the businesses of other moms, right?

I love my BellaBand – it works for me!

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8 Replies to “WFMW: BellaBand”

  1. I also used the BellaBand during my pregnancy. I had a basic white and a basic black one. I never found it would hold up my pants (perhaps I bought too big a size band though) but I did use it quite a lot to cover the band on my pants, as I was wearing a number of my pre-pregnancy shirts well into my third trimester. I also used it with maternity shirts though.

  2. Do you know if the other brands are as good as the BellaBand? I know there are much cheaper options but hate to waste money if they’re not worth it.
    I’ve heard that they are also good for nursing: they cover your tummy when you hike up your shirt to feed the baby.

  3. I used Motherhood Maternity’s $16 version of the Bella band. I used it all through my pregnancy, but if you wash them in the laundry (like I did) they lose their hem and unravel. I still loved it though, and I still wear it postpartum! I want to find a cheap tube top (to use as a Bella Band) like they used to sell at Walmart but I have yet to find one.

  4. With my pregnancies I used a spare rubber band to connect the button to the buttonhole, LOL. This sounds much better, will have to look into it when I get #3 in the oven.

  5. Oh, I missed out! When I was pregnant with my son the “fashion” was to show your nekkid belly bulge–um, no thanks! It was nearly impossible to find a maternity shirt that would cover my long torso–that Bella Band would have come in handy! With Baby #2 I resorted to using rubber bands to hold my pants up–for some weird pregnancy-hormone-induced reason I refused to buy maternity pants until I was 9 months along–I just kept buying regular clothes in the next size up–again, the Bella Band would have worked fabulously! I’m tempted to buy one just to keep my non-pregnant tummy warm this winter!

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