WFMW: Itzbeen Timer

(Ok, so I now realize that we were supposed to post about what DIDN’T work for us on this Works for Me Wednesday. But I forgot. And I am too tired to think of anything else at this point. Sorry!! I blame Jenny for not telling me. So you’ll have to hear once again about something that DOES work for me!)

If you order your list of baby care items from most important to least important, the Itzbeen timer comes right after carseat and right before… well, everything else.

The Itzbeen Timer is the perfect solution to the lack of brainpower that comes with parenting a newborn (or a toddler… or a teenager). It’s so simple, yet so useful! We all know that we’re supposed to keep track of the last time the baby ate, had a diaper change, or how long he’s been asleep, but really, all that math is a little much for my fuzzy brain to handle.

Until now… because I have this:

The Itzbeen Timer keeps track of all of that for me – and on which side I last nursed the baby. Pretty cool. All I have to do is press a button each time I change or nurse the baby, and the timer keeps track of how long it’s been since the last time.

If only I had had this when we brought Sam home from the hospital! My sweet husband created a chart on our dry erase board, but that wasn’t very portable and didn’t help me much in the middle of the night. Not to mention the fact that it required me to do subtraction when really it was all I could do not to fall asleep with half my body draped over the bassinet and half of it in bed. Not that that happened or anything…

In addition to the diapering, feeding and sleeping buttons, there’s an extra one for random things. This button makes the timer useful even after the first few weeks. I can see using it for keeping track of things like giving medicine or taking temperatures.

The Itzbeen Timer is part of Target’s line of parent-inventor products, and you can buy it there for $24.99. It would be a great shower present! It definitely works for me.

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3 Replies to “WFMW: Itzbeen Timer”

  1. I use the Itzbeen Timer when I hardboil eggs…and I have to tell you, sometimes I get runny yolk. But, you know, if it works for you, great.

  2. You all have so many newfangled things these day, parenting should be a piece of cake….Just Kidding!!! Love Ya!

  3. My great friend Jenny got me one of these for our new baby. I can’t wait to use it!! It does seem a lot easier then having to write things down!!

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