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I’m sure this will come as a great surprise to you all, but the idea of transferring Kate from her crib to a regular bed caused me some anxiety. I liked the fact that when I put her in her crib, I knew that she was there to stay. Not to mention that at the time, we lived in a really old house that had really steep stairs (so steep, in fact, that Jenny used to make me carry Joshua down them for fear she’d trip), so the thought of her being able to get out of her bed at will seriously freaked me out.

So I just kept her in her crib… until she was about 28 months old. She looked kinda ridiculous being as big as she was in a crib, but hey, she was safe. Or at least that’s what I thought until one night as I sat at the computer in the room next to hers after having put her to bed and she appeared like some kind of ghost at my side. She could climb out of her crib. Great.

So we bought another house.

Ok, that was only part of the reason. But anyway, when we moved, we decided not to set up her crib and put her in a “big girl” bed. The spare bed we had happened to be a double, so that’s what she got.

As I said, the thought of this freaked me out (surprise), so I scoured books and the internet (surprise) for tricks and tips on making this transition easier.

The best tip I got was about the SnugTuck pillow.

This innovative product is designed to take the place of bed rails… they’re a more comfy, safer alternative. It’s basically a long, tubular pillow that has elastic attached to both ends. The pillow goes over the fitted sheet, and the elastic goes under the mattress. The pillow is firm enough not to be a suffocation hazard, and yet is great for the child to snuggle up next to. The standard one is six inches in diameter (which is what we have), so if the kid decides to crawl over top, she isn’t falling from very high. It also works great for deep or pillowtop mattresses, which I understand can be a problem for traditional bed rails.

We originally bought only one, thinking that we’d put the bed up against the wall on one side and have the SnugTuck pillow on the other side. However, the way Kate’s headboard and bed are made, this left a pretty big gap between the matress and the wall, which seemed pretty unsafe to me. I ordered another pillow and moved her bed, so now she has a SnugTuck pillow on either side of her.

We’ve used them for almost a year now, and I can see her using them for another year or more. She’s never fallen out of bed, and she doesn’t try to crawl over them to get out of bed, she just gets off at the foot of the bed instead.

The pillows come in different sizes and diameters, and you can pick from every color fabric imaginable. Kate has one in cobalt and one in lime, both of which are very fun. Organic cotton is available, as is fabric with characters like Thomas the Train and Strawberry Shortcake. I also discovered yesterday that they will make a pillow from your own fabric, so if you want the pillows to coordinate perfectly with your room, this would be a great option.

The only downside is that they are kind of expensive… however, the nice people at SnugTuck Pillow have created a coupon code just for Mommin’ It Up readers! Just put “MWS” into the coupon code section of the order form and recieve 15% off your pillow!! How cool is that?

So if you’re like me and dreading the crib-to-bed conversion, head on over to the SnugTuck Pillow website and order one (or two) up!

That works for me!

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  1. Wonderbaby decided on her own that she wanted to move to the bed – we have had a single bed in her room since she was born, because when she was sleeping in our room we used hers as a guest room – so she was always well aware of it. When she was about nineteen months old she decided that she wanted to move from her crib to the bed so we got a bed rail and that was that. She’s loved it from the first moment.

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