Oh, What a Night

Last night Bobby went to a concert with some friends and was planning to be out late, so I decided to take the kids to the park and out for ice cream. Sophie was none too pleased to leave the park and was still fussing when we got to Baskin Robbins. She even fussed when I tried to give her a bite of her chocolate ice cream – for some reason she didn’t like the looks of it. (I told you, she is CRAZY!) So, I did what any good mom would do and I SHOVED a bite in her mouth. After which, she decided chocolate ice cream is good, and she happily ate about 1/2 of the kids’ cup I’d gotten for her.

Fast-forward to 2:37 a.m when I hear Sophie crying loudly over the baby monitor. I take Ambien to help me sleep, and since at this point I’d only had about 4.5 hours of sleep as opposed to the eight you are supposed to be able to “devote yourself to” with Ambien, I was a LITTLE out of it. I stumbled to Sophie’s room and could smell the tell-tale stench of PUKE before I even opened the door. But once inside, I could not figure out how to turn on her light. I was just too out of it. Fortunately Bobby came in the room just then and turned it on, having his wits about him. It was then that we saw our little girl covered in chocolate ice cream puke.

It was not pretty. That, combine with Ambien dizziness and the smell, sent me running to bow to the Porcelain God myself. So. That was awesome. Bobby, who is Superman, sent me back to bed and gave Sophie a bath and cleaned up all the mess himself.

This morning, Sophie seems totally fine. Bobby said she was fine in the middle of the night, too. No fever, super-cheerful, etc. So, I am going to have to blame this one on myself. As Emily said when I told her about last night’s events, “That’s what you get for shoving ice cream in her mouth, MOM.”

Lesson learned!

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8 Replies to “Oh, What a Night”

  1. Those middle of the night pukes-in-bed are the WORST for the sheer amount of cleanup required.

    I hope Miss Sophie isn’t sick with anything else; I mean, chocolate ice cream CURES my problems, it doesn’t cause them!

  2. Middle of the night hurls are nothing compared to Donovan’s car-resale-destroying-vaction-ruining-swerving across three lanes of traffic to get off the road-projectile-spews. And, he never gave anyone ANY warning; it was just a warm sticky splat to the back of the head! (just a little something to hold over your cousin’s head sweetie!)


  3. Delightful!! I assume you used your Baskin Robbins coupons from BLogHer. That place has been calling my name too. Hopefully I can get the mental image of chocolate puke out of my brain before I head over.

  4. It always makes me feel bad when I get all upset about the kids being whiney and they turn out to really be sick or something. Her tummy was probably bothering her earlier and the puke just cleared up the problem.

  5. What ever happened to our list of words for puke (which was over 70, I believe?).

    One night Faith threw up, and I got up and patted her back, trying to get her to go back to sleep. I couldn’t figure out why she wouldn’t until I patted in the wrong place. eew.

    And Uncle Paul so needs to do a guest post with his “Donovan’s car-resale-destroying-vaction-ruining-swerving across three lanes of traffic to get off the road-projectile-spews” story!

  6. Aww!!! Aiden has woken up in the morning a few times and just puked all over the bed…nothing else. He lays around for a few hours, but no fever or anything..and he’s fine the rest of the day. So bizarre. My oldest daughter never did that.

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