Rewind…. 12/22/04. Ow, nose!

Date: 12/22/04
Time: 9:56 a.m.
To: Jenny
From: Emily
Subj: Ow, nose!

You are never going to believe what happened last night. I am going to try to give you the abbreviated version of the story, but bear with me.

Kate and I took my grandma over to Target last night and we got Kate some dried blueberries. On the way home, she was eating them, and I heard her say indignantly “Ow nose!” as though her nose had hurt her, so I asked her if she picked it too hard and she said yes.

So we get back to Grandma’s and I notice that her snot is bluish. She had Oreos on her face, and I thought it was just mixing in with that… but it kept happening, so sort of jokingly I said “Kate, did you stick an Oreo up your nose?” and Grandma said “I bet it was a blueberry.”

To make a long story somewhat shorter, Andy and I were getting ready to get the tweezers, but Grandma said she didn’t think that was a good idea and maybe we should call this 24/7 nurse line her insurance has. So I called (GREAT invention btw, I’m going to put Anthem’s nurse line on the fridge) and the nurse said NOT to use the tweezers, because of her eyes and brain being so close to her nose. She said to take Kate to Urgent Care because the blueberry needed to come out in 2-8 hours. I don’t know what happens after that time period expires – perhaps the blueberry would start to sprout.

We decided to go home and call Kate’s doctor to see if we should take her that night, or if we could wait until his office opened up. He said it needed to come out lest she suck it into her lungs. A blueberry in the lungs is apparently worse than a blueberry in the nose. So we were putting her in her jammies around 9:30, getting ready to go to Urgent Care, and she sneezed. I glanced down and said “Andy, there’s a blueberry on my pants!!” She had sneezed it out.

The crazy thing is that even though it was a tiny dried blueberry when she stuck it up there, all the snot and everything made it expand back to the size of a regular blueberry.

Andy and I were sooooo glad she sneezed it out! I was really not looking forward to the idea of a straight jacket.

So the moral of the story is:
A) Check to see if your insurance has a nurse line because it’s awesome, and
B) Don’t use tweezers when Joshua pulls this stunt.

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6 Replies to “Rewind…. 12/22/04. Ow, nose!”

  1. One of my favorites. I was very happy to go home rather than Urgent Care or the hospital. Great job ladies. You’re both very funny and it’s just the type of thing everyone else can relate to. Congratulations and good luck! Love, andy

  2. We had a similar incident with my daughter, Faith, sticking stuff up her nose, around the age of 2. Faith got bored and started tearing up pieces of paper from books in her room, rolling up the paper, and shoving the pieces up her nostrils. We have to think that this went on for several days before we realized what was going on at naptime. My husband and I noticed that weird stuff was coming out of her nose and it was not snot, we immediately thought that brain matter, seeping from her nose! It had a very interesting color odor that smelled like something crawled up there and died. After looking at it further we noticed LETTERS printed on the slimy goopy discharge… and we realized what our little angel had been doing. Needless to say, only board books were permitted in her room for bedtime stories for some time after that. I am happy to say that Faith did survive the paper up the nose incidents and she is a lovely 6 year old, who LOVES to read.

    My best advice is, if your child has weird stuff coming out of her nose it is more than likely NOT brain matter. And, you never know what a kid is going to do when they don’t want to sleep during nap time.

  3. TOO funny! IN our case it was a lego :)with child number 4….i used tweezers in my panick 🙂

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