No Human Growth Hormone Required

This weekend, I watched Sammy age two years right before my eyes. And I didn’t like it! I nearly cried.

At the ripe old age of six months, he got his first hair cut. And suddenly, he looked like a two year old. When I showed Jenny the pictures, she said “He doesn’t look two, he looks twelve!” But he does look awfully cute. Wanna see?




He is such a big boy. And it is so depressing.

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16 Replies to “No Human Growth Hormone Required”

  1. Oh, he is soooo cute! My youngest is three and it seems like yesterday she was this size. It’s great that he has enough hair to get a haircut. My oldest son had only a comb over for over a year!

  2. What a sweetheart. We haven’t had to do the first haircut yet, but I am a little scared to do it because I am just not ready to let go of my baby.

  3. Wow! He does look older than that. He’s so cute! My 14 month old still doesn’t have hardly any hair. Which is good, I’m not ready to have to cut it.

  4. He looks precious. Everyone talks about how old my 9 month old is looking…sounding all excited. It just makes me want to cry! I love everything he’s learning, but seriously can we slow down time a bit?

  5. He is soo cute. He is a total baby heart-throb. I’m pretty much NEVER going to wash the shirt I wore last night because he drooled on it!

  6. I’m just glad you went through with the hair cut. There’s nothing that bugs me more than a little boy with long hair, looking like a girl, just because the mom is too scared to get it cut!!! I think it’s absolutely adorable!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. When the page loaded up I thought to myself, “that’s a cute lookin’ BOY.” I didn’t realize it was baby Sammy until I started reading the post.

    Dontcha just wanna pinch those cheeks all day long?

    When did I start typing like Sarah Palin?

  8. Awwww. He looks about ready for a trip to Disney World (hint hint!)

    He’s such a cutie. I’ve been gone so long, I didn’t even see him with long hair. I’m going to have to go back to see a “before” picture!

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