D is for Drama

I named my daughter Sophia Diane, after my mother.  But the older she grows, the more I am thinking the “D” in Sophia D. Rapson stands for drama.  Because, now that we got the girl fully speech-therapized, drama is the language in which she speaks.

When we were having some downtime in our hotel during our President’s Day road trip, the kids were arguing over which movie to watch, so Bobby decided he would pick the movie for them.  His choice, Finding Nemo, caused Sophie to run from the room crying, and when Bobby went to try to talk to her about it, she responded with, “It’s RUINING MY LIFE!”

Poor girl.  Only five years old, and life’s already ruined.  By a movie that was made before she was born.  So, she really never had a chance.  C’est tragique, no?

Joshua and I were treated to another grand performance on Friday afternoon, when after I told Sophie that her turn playing Wii was over, she had a complete meltdown.  After she calmed down a bit, she still exiled herself to a corner where she spent ten minutes regaling us with a song that went something like this, “You can’t talk to me, because I’m sad. No one talk to me, because it’s not nice to talk to someone when they’re sad!  And it’s mean to make people feel sad!”

If she can just keep channeling that sadness, and take some voice lessons, girlfriend will be the next Adele in a few years.  I am confident the album Sophie: 9 will be a HUGE hit when she is in the third grade.

And when I watch her win her grammys for her follow-up albums over the years, on the tiny TV in my room at the freaking looney bin, I will be very, very proud.


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6 Replies to “D is for Drama”

  1. Hmm, that’s unfortunate for their teacher at church. I’m pretty sure the B. in my little miss’s middle name stands for “Bring it.” I saw them in there together yesterday…. Drama + Bring It could be highly problematic. 🙂

  2. A few weeks ago, Julia told me (while crying hysterically) that decoupage would ruin her life. I didn’t know decorating objects with paper and glue could shatter the dreams of a 6 yr old….Poor kid :*(

    1. Rachel, clearly Julia and Sophie need to join a support group for daughters of mean, unfair mothers. Nemo and decoupage! FOR SHAME!

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