WFMW: Put Yourself on the List!

Okay, so if you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I’m a neurotic weirdo (though not as neurotic as Emily, thankfully ha ha ha ha ha)! I’ve been a SAHM for about six months now, and in that time my neuroses have increased a hundred fold wee bit. For a couple of months I really struggled with how to handle the daily tasks of housekeeping, child-rearing, and errand-running and also squeeze in time to take care of myself. Remember this post? Back when I wrote that I was one ugly ponytailed, wrinkly-clothesed, un-madeup Mama. Sometimes I wasn’t even CLEAN! Yikes! But I am happy to say, after a few months of getting the kinks worked out, I’ve found a way to balance things a bit better, especially when I have a lot to accomplish. My method is simple: I make a “to do” list, and I put myself on it! Here’s an example. This is my “to do” list from yesterday:

Go to Bank
Go to CVS
Sweep dining room
Clean up living room
Sweep living room
Take out trash
Change Diaper Pail

I had a ton of cleaning to do and laundry because poor Joshua had no clean clothes and remained in his PJs until noon. But I also really wanted to get myself cleaned up as well. I wanted to have a shower and makeup on before I ran to the bank and the drug store. So, I put those things on the list. Then, after I completed them and crossed them off of the list, I felt not only clean and shiny, but also a sense of accomplishment instead of a sense of guilt for taking the time to take care of myself. This may seem stupid to you, but somehow I am able to trick myself into thinking that showering, doing my makeup, excercising, or reading my Bible Study book is not just something for me, but something that contributes to the success of my day.

I know I’m a crazy coo-coo nuts, but it works for me! So why not give it a try and see if it works for you?

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12 Replies to “WFMW: Put Yourself on the List!”

  1. This is totally something I would do!

    In fact, it made me think of a time when Kate was about 7 weeks old and I was going to have to work most of the weekend. I had a pretty strict schedule of where I needed to be when, and I also had to work out when I could break out the ol’ breast pump. So, being the neurotic freak I am, I made a very detailed, colorful excel spreadsheet of what I’d be doing each minute of each day… including when I could pump.

    Great idea, right? The only problem was that when I left for the day, I left my schedule on the printer… where my co-workers found it and laughed hysterically when they finally figured out what “10:00-10:30 – pump” meant. It took me a LONG time to live that one down.

  2. It doesn’t sound stupid at all. You do what you have to do :). I need to add make-up to my to-do list- I’m sure that everyone would appreciate it if I looked a little more polished.

  3. Do you remember back in grade school… probably about 4th grade… when you were instructed to get a little memo pad to jot down your homework? Well, I never stopped doing that… and it has grown into a mead five star notebook (five subject). Yep, it’s a very compulsive thing, but I lost it once and my life almost fell apart because I didn’t know what I had to do. I have each page dated (about 1 or 2 months in advance) with chores to be done on each day, as well as errands to do. For instance, every Monday I do my “financial” homework – paying bills online, balancing the checkbook, etc, so all of that is listed on Monday. My youngest has preschool every mon, wed, and fri so that is listed on each of those days. It’s also a way to jot down basketball practice, soccer practice, art classes, choir, etc. For a mom with two kids, two jobs, and going back to school FULL TIME it is a life saver. Maybe I am a bit neurotic, but it works for me. My friends laugh at me but at the same time, I am able to stay somewhat organized and sane in this crazy busy season of my life.

  4. Oh man, I do this sometimes. As you know, a one year old sometimes has no respect for the list. I still have way too many shower-less days. And makeup? I used to be a total MAC girl….now I don’t ever bother with makeup. I just spend so much time doing for everyone else, and I’m always the last to get ready to go anywhere…..I’ll be glad when I can get some time to myself again….

  5. I do this all the time! It’s a huge help and I feel less guilty if I “have” to exercise, shower, read, my Bible, etc because the list says so. I also find it helps to stay on track if I put things in order and try my best not to go on to the next task until the previous one is done, (of course this does not always work because of naps- but it does help).

  6. Maybe this is what I need to do! My day usually consists of Work, Play with Momma and son, eat dinner, play with Momma and son, put son to bed, blog a bit, sleep. If I need to get something extra done, time gets subtracted from sleep. It’s starting to catch up with me… 😀

  7. You are not alone in the housekeeping department. It’s so overwhelming and once one task is done-there’s someone on the other side of the house making a mess!

    As for the makeup thing, I try to put on at least some mascara and blush. If I catch a glimpse in the mirror and look pale and exhausted it depresses me.

  8. I am a total list-making nut! Now my daughter is in on the act. She has a list of things to do before school, and she loves it when I make her lists of chores to do….she loves it for now, anyway.

  9. Not weird, smart. I got a daily planner – a full page for each day. I can write a full list of things that need to be done, and include things like “dishes” and “make breakfast.” It really shows how much you have to do in a day when you count ALL the tasks.

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