Bob the Builder Needs to GET A ROOM

The other night Bobby and I were watching Bob the Builder with the kids. It’s not my favorite show, but Joshua loves it and it’s pretty harmless. Or so I thought. This particular episode contained a story about Bob’s building partner, Wendy, and his crew planning a surprise birthday party for him. They pull off the surprise, and Bob says, “I thought you’d forgotten my birthday.” Then, the show takes a more um, adult, turn, as Wendy bats her eyelashes and says huskily, “Forget your birthday, Bob? Oh, never!”

I looked at my husband. “What was that?” I asked.

Bobby’s eyebrows raised in concern. “Um, I’m not sure. But I think the sexual tension between Bob and Wendy is making me uncomfortable!”

“Yeah, for real. I think they need to build themselves a room after the birthday party!” I agreed.

The next story in this episode is about the local famer in Sunflower Valley, whose name is Farmer Pickles. He never seemed suspicious to me, but this story was all about how much he loves his grandmother’s tea set. It accidentally gets taken by Bob and the crew for recycling, and when it is found again, Farmer Pickles has a serious hissy fit he is so happy to see it! Once again, this caught my and Bobby’s attention.

“He seems awfully excited about a tea set,” I observed. “You know, for a farmer.”

“Uh…is there a Mrs. Pickles?” Bobby asked.

“I don’t think so. He just hangs out with his scare crow in his sunflower oil factory.”

“Yikes. Pickles. Interesting name.”

“Maybe Sunflower Valley is more diverse than we thought.”

So, after that ground-breaking episode, I’ll never be able to watch Bob the Builder without snickering and reading into everything they say. And hopefully after reading this, neither will you!

You’re welcome!

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9 Replies to “Bob the Builder Needs to GET A ROOM”

  1. Do you have the episode names? I can’t wait to see the one about Farmer Pickles tea set! I am SO heading to the library later today for it.

  2. Hey, I don’t think I appreciate the accusations being made on Farmer Pickles lifestyle. What? A guy can’t enjoy a cup of tea without someone questioning his manlihood? I, myself, love a cup of tea in the afternoon…yet have endured the scorn of of my sisters all my life for it. Oh, how they’d snicker at me and my mothers tea parties. But you kow what? There ain’t no party like my momma’s tea party. As for my sisters, I let their insults roll off my back…after all, they’re the narrow-minded ones, right? Apparently, I have to add Jenny to that list now. Well, you’ll never be offered a cup of Twinings in my home ma’am! Not with that attitude.

  3. LOL, my son LOVED Bob the Builder when it first came out in the States…and I had to get the goods over in the UK. Now that he’s 8, we’ve lost touch with Bob. My hubby and I had the same conversations, and this post CRACKED ME UP!! First, I just thought that there was something seriously wrong with us for making remarks about a kids show! Glad to know that we aren’t (weren’t) the only ones!

  4. Glad someone else noticed this, too.

    For years, when Bob comes on, Knute and I start singing, “Bow-wow! Ka-chicka bow-wow!”

    The kids look at us like we’re nuts!

    Wendy needs to give up on ole Bob; he’s way too happy in the company of his manly toys.


  5. Wow….never thought of it that way. My kids don’t watch this any more, but I guess I will have to take a closer look at the ones they are watching. Funny!

  6. After Bob went to PBS we stopped watching it. Strangely, Bob will always have a place in my heart. I was watching Bob when I got a phone call on 9-11, yep, I switched Bob off to see the Towers in flames. I will never forget that. Yo, stop by my blog if you get a sec, I need some support today. Lates.

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