House of Pain

Forgive me if this post sounds like jibberish. But do you recall two nights ago when my daughter puked chocolate ice cream all over her crib while I stood there in an Ambien-induced haze?


Last night my son projectile-vomited strawberries and hot dog ALL OVER ME while I sat there in the beginnings of my Ambien-induced haze. Seriously I had JUST taken it 15 minutes before he came into our room to tell me he was sick.

My poor baby boy.

Bobby commenced cleaning up the living room (which included vomit all over two count ’em TWO remote controls) while I jumped in the shower. My pajama pants, shirt, bra, and underwear were all soaked.

I took Joshua to bed with me after we were all cleaned up and he threw up again at 1. He got most of it in the toilet but this time I had to do a bit of carpet cleaning. Also after this I was in full-on Ambien drunkenness and could hardly walk, so I was forced to go get Bobby to take over Joshua duty. He and Joshua got in our bed while I went down the hall to sleep in Joshua’s bed.

Bobby woke me up at 6:30. Joshua had thrown up two more times. Then he did again about 8. After a quick mopping of the hardwood floor and a complete clothes change for him, he is dozing on the couch while I write this and Sophie plays computer – gotta keep her out of harm’s way.

All three of us are exhausted, poor Bobby is at work, and thanks to our kids this is our THIRD near-sleepless night in a row. We haven’t had a week this bad since Sophie was probably 15 months old. So we were pretty much caught by surprise! We thought we were cruising there for awhile…

Anyways. I am sure this makes no sense whatsoever. But I still have an Ambien hangover! Send coffee!

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12 Replies to “House of Pain”

  1. Hope you get some sleep! While not puking, Busy B was awake from 2:15am – 4:45am this morning. Not cool! I’m sipping on a 32oz Diet Coke, hoping for some increased alertness.

  2. uh…when r u supposed to leave for vacation???? I will pray the puking fairy goes away before then….
    i think u got less sleep than me last night at 9 months pregnant…

  3. oh im so sorry you’re little are sick!
    praying u get a nap today and that you don’t get the pukes!!

  4. I am so sorry and of course it has to be the day before vacation!! Hoping you guys get some sleep before your drive tomorrow!! But you know how I am, I have had a stomach ache ever since you told me Sophie puked – thanks for giving me another reason to hurl today! Love you girl!

  5. I think I would stay away from the Ambein until this virus passes. But that’s just me. We just had this at our house. We all got it but Baby Girl. It was torture.

  6. This sounds totally sucky. There are few things worse than when your kid vomits hot dogs. Hope tonight is puke-free.

    Also, I can’t believe I only saw you that one time at BH. 🙁

  7. I know how hard it is to function when you’ve taken something to help you sleep. You poor thing! I hope everyone is feeling better now!

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