Your Mom Likes True Crime

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by true crime. When I was a young teenager, prowling the library like Miss Teen Book Nerd 1991, I stumbled across a book entitled “The Girl on the Volkswagen Floor,” about a local 1968 murder of a young school teacher in Kettering, Ohio, in a store parking lot.

From then on, I was hooked. My parents often watched Barbara Walters and Hugh Downs on 20/20, and there were plenty of true crime stories there. So I enjoyed tuning in on Friday nights and hearing about crimes and mysteries. Murder wasn’t my ONLY interest, though. As as a good teen book nerd, I read on lots of other topics as well. I don’t specifically remember reading any more true crime books until…

Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson were brutally murdered in June 1994. Like the rest of the world, I watched the O.J. Simpson saga play out over the next two years. I remember listening to the verdict on the radio in high school. I was incensed at the time that he’d been acquitted, and over the next couple years, as ALL THE BOOKS came out, I read them. All of them. Over the years I’ve also watched ALL THE DOCUMENTARIES.

I still think he did it, but now I understand more about why he was acquitted {we won’t go there, though.}

Anyway, after that I started reading Dominick Dunne novels, most of which are based on true crimes, and then digging into the real murders they were based on. (Dunne’s daughter, Dominique, an actress, was murdered – strangled tp death- by her ex-boyfriend, who got off on a manslaughter charge with just a few years in prison.)

And then I’d watch the TV shows: Cold Case Files, City Confidential, etc. Fast forward years later, and I still love watching these, and everything else I can get on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

ALL THAT TO SAY: I love true crime!

Now I’ve discovered true crime podcasts. OBSESSED. I listen all day long while I work.

Which has led my dearest darling husband to: a) be very afraid I’m trying to learn how to plot his death and b) constantly say; “Jenny loves murder.”

Which is NOT TRUE! I don’t love murder. I hate that people do this to one another. I wish there were no murder shows and books to be fascinated with.

But there ARE. Cause people suck. So, the fascination continues.

I love the mystery, the detective process, the amazing science when a case is solved. I mourn for families who, year after year, have no answers. I feel righteous indignation and rage for them, my heart rips in two for a mother who has a missing child.

I know it’s weird, but I love true crime. And podcasts and events like Crime Con prove I’m not alone! There are gazillions of internet sleuths who try to solve cold cases (I’m far too busy for that, but I do love to read of their efforts!) because they genuinely want to help grieving families. It’s kind of crazy and amazing.

So there ya go, now ya know. I really don’t love murder, but I like true crime. A lot. As a matter of fact when I need to take my mind off of the troubles of this world, I’ll oftensot back and watch a show about murder (Cold Justice, anyone? Yes please!) So I like to hunker down with a good murder show once in awhile! Is that a crime? (Spoiler alert, as a true crime afficionado, I can say it’s not.) I’ve even been tossing around starting my OWN true crime podcast…because if THIS mom likes true crime? Chances are your mom likes true crime, too!

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    1. did you know that True Crime All the Time is done in Dayton? I listened to it for at least a month before I figured it out., then I FREAKED OUT, I was so excited!

  1. It’s genetic is suppose. I’m a fan

    But, so is your aunt (by marriage) Diane. I always tell the kids that if I turn UP missing to watch Law & Order and Criminal Minds and they will know where she hid my body.

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