WFMW: Chopping an onion without crying

I like onions more than is normal, I think. When my BFF Jess and I are together, we order pizza with extra onion. That is all, just extra onions. I’m sure the pizza people make fun of us. But anyway, I don’t love chopping onions – I don’t like the crying!

So I was skeptical but intrigued when I read a new tip for tear-less onion chopping – something more simple than storing onions in the freezer or anything. All you have to do is keep your mouth shut. That’s all! Just keep your trap shut the entire time you’re chopping onions, and you won’t tear up. It really works! I promise. Try it out and get back to me.

For other less obscure tips, head over to Rocks in My Dryer!

While we’re on the subject of my BFF Jess and our strange pizza preferences, let me take a minute to plug her blog. She’s on her third three-week business trip to India this year, and she’s blogging about her experience over there. Her most recent post shows classified ads for arranged marriages! My other favorite posts are “Inflating a Raft Indian Style” and “Ghandi and Boat Rides.”

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11 Replies to “WFMW: Chopping an onion without crying”

  1. You know what’s funny? I used to think that onions didn’t affect me when I was chopping them because I would NEVER tear up. Then I realized one day while chopping onions with my GLASSES on that it was the contacts that kept my eyes from tearing up by covering my eye. It’s weird but when I wear my contacts I can cut onions all day long without any tears lol. I made a mental note to always be wearing them while onion cutting, but if for some reason I can’t I”ll have to remember your tip.
    Blessings to you.

    1. THANK YOU for this response! I know that when I was really young, onions used to make my eyes water, but for years now, I’ve been chopping away without a problem. My friends even tested me by putting a huge pile of freshly chopped onion under my nose/eyes for a couple minutes and….nothing! I thought I had a super power! But now I know its just the contacts (which I started wearing around 12 years old)… all makes sense now!

      I recommend trying the mouth closed method too. Just from a practical perspective, if you breathe in through your mouth (or have it open), vapors from the onion can travel up into your sinuses way easier than they can through your nostrils (which are designed to filter or dampen the effects of harsh chemicals.

  2. It’s not as cheap as closing your mouth, but I am a huge fan of the little Pampered Chef hand held chopper guy. (Yes, as you can see, I don’t know the technical name!) It’s so easy to use and easy to clean!

  3. this makes more sense than peeling onions while wearing swimming goggles… which is what I would do not to cry.

  4. I turn the vent on and chop over my stove while wearing my glasses. Does pretty well. I think the chemicals in the onions bond with the water in yours eyes. It is actually attracted to it. Maybe if you keep your mouth shut you lower the moisture level or something.

  5. I miss you and I miss Don’s pizza with extra onions (what I wouldn’t do for one right now…)! I can’t wait to try out this new clever little onion chopping trick of yours! Thanks for the ‘shout out’ about my Indian Adventure Blog.

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