WFMW: CVS Brand!

In all my CVSing over the past few months, I’ve discovered some CVS brand products that I really like. Being a total cheapskate, I’m always one to go for the generic, but there are some areas where generic just doesn’t fly. If any of you are new or soon-to-be CVSers, I thought I’d share with you some CVS brand products that work for me!

Let’s start in baby care!
cvs-diapers.jpgI really like CVS brand diapers! And not just because Jill’s daughter is on the package! These pictured are the “Supreme” and I have also used the kind called “Explorers” and I like them both. My favorite is still Pampers, and you can often get name brand diapers cheap as free at CVS, but if you don’t have any coupons and the CVS brand are on sale, go for it! That being said, I do not like the Playskool brand diapers. Playskool is a CVS brand, and those diapers just haven’t worked well for Sophie. They may work well for your kid, if you wanna give ’em a try, but the CVS brand seem to work better for us. I do however, looooove…
playskool-wipes.jpg Playskool wipes!
They were on ECBs in March so I bought about 4,387 packages of them. Seriously I have so many it’s ridiculous! But I really like them. They are very cloth-like, not too wet, not stinky at all, and they get those buns clean. So, I highly recommend them! And, you can get a $1 off coupon for them here. (you have to register to print the coupons, but you can print as many as you want! Yay!)

playskool-cups.jpgI also really like these Playskool Wash & Toss Cups
playskool-straw-cup.jpg and the Playskool flip top straw cup. The lids to the Wash & Toss fit with the First Years Take & Toss also so that’s nice, if you already have those kind!

On to household items!
cvs-trash-bags.jpgI really am very, very, VERY happy with these CVS Kitchen trash bags! I’ve never met a store brand trash bag that I liked until I met these! They are every bit as good as the Glad brand we had been using, and they even have a deodorizer in them that works quite well! Good job on these CVS!

cvs-slider-bags.jpg These CVS slider storage bags are also really good quality. We have had no problems with them whatsoever! They do what we need them to and appear to be just as tough as national brands.

And finally, I’ll end my review with personal care.
cvs-hand-lotion.jpg I am very happy with this CVS brand Advanced Healing Lotion. I leave it next to my kitchen sink since I wash my hands about 4,821 times a day. It really moisturizes well and it stays on! You can feel it working but it’s not greasy.
cvs-hand-sanitizer.jpg Lastly, I’ll showcase this CVS spray hand sanitizer. It looks like a pen and fits neatly in your purse or pocket! It’s really convenient and has aloe in it so it’s not drying! Also, since it’s a fine mist that sprays out, it doesn’t run off your hands like the slippery gel you’re used to with hand sanitizers. These are great, I definitely recommend picking a couple up!

Allright, those are some CVS brand items that work for me! For more tips, check out Works for Me Wednesday at Rocks in my Dryer!

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  1. Your shopping amazes me :). Thank you for those coupons. I had to get rainchecks b/c they were all out, but I am going to pick up my stuff this week and can’t wait.

  2. I had a rockin’ CVS day yesterday and partly because of CVS brands with the 3/10 coupon. Yes I did include some CVS diapers with that stinkin’ adorable picture on it. If only you spreading the word about those diapers still got us a kick back! Unfortunately we already got our check and it has long been cashed 🙂

  3. hey are you getting anything from CVS for all the advertising(other than all the free stuff you already have gotten???)

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