WFMW: Dottie’s Weight Loss Zone

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I am doing Weight Watchers as an attempt to lose the rest of my baby weight. And then some. But anyway.

I haven’t officially joined WW yet. While I think that the best way to do this program is to go to the weekly meetings, they don’t fit into everyone’s time or money budget.

That’s where Dottie’s Weight Loss Zone comes in. This website has everything!! Dottie has calculated the points values for every food imaginable, and she has lists and lists of restaurant point values as well. It’s pretty awesome.

The best part of this site, though, is the downloadable WW points tracker. Now I can keep track of everything I eat and calculate points right on my Palm Pilot. The food and restaurant lists are available for download as well, so I have everything i need to do WW while on the go. For FREE. That Works for Me.

For more WFMW tips, click over to Rocks in my Dryer.

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12 Replies to “WFMW: Dottie’s Weight Loss Zone”

  1. Great site! I’m also on WW and this site is like the Weight Loss Bible. Anything you need is there, and if it’s not, the forums are full of amazing supportive people. Great tip!

  2. Good luck with your continued weight loss Emily! I know how frustrating it can be. I’m six-months in, the second time around, and it’s going so s-l-o-w-l-y! I keep trying to tell myself that my body is beautiful because of the two children it produced, but, yeah…that image in the mirror…not so beautiful. I’ll have to check out that website. I can use all the help I can get over here!!

  3. Dotties site is good. Have you thought of joining a TOPS group in your area? It is a great place to go for support in weight loss. The yearly fee to join is $24.00, the group will probably have a small monthly fee assessed or a weigh in fee or something but the big thing is the support. Google TOPS and see if it will work for you.

  4. I LOVE her restaurant WW point list. It is amazing what you are eating when you eat out. It has helped me made a lot better choices.

  5. Dottie’s site is great, isn’t it? I’ve been on and off WW for years and she IS the best resource. You have to see if you can get the WWCalc program for your Palm. Last time I was there, they had instructions on the message board on how to get the program.

  6. Thank you so much for this tip. One of my goals this summer is to lose some weight, but Weight Watchers is not in the budget. This will be a great help!!! BTW, I love your blog.

  7. Love dottie’s as well. Right now I’m doing Core to lose “baby” weight. *ahem* My kid is 18mos old! LOL

    I’ve done flex points before (counting) and lost a lot of weight…hoping Core will cause more of an overall “lifestyle” change and not drive me crazy w/ counting!

    Good luck!

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