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Many moons ago, in the dark ages, when my hubby was at work and I needed to ask him a question or just tell him “I love you”, or complain about what his our children were doing, I’d have to call him at work. And hope that he’d answer his cell phone (which he does about 20% of the time). If it was really important, I’d have to call the actual work number and have him paged, which always makes me feel like a nagging wife. Then one day Bobby suggested we start using Instant Messenger, and, TA-DA! Now we can pretty much talk to each other via IM whenever we want to or need to! It’s great to feel connected all day and not have to try to get ahold of each other via phone. I also use IM to talk to Emily while she’s at work. It’s very fun! I love to help her slack off and not get her work done! Ha ha, just kidding, Emily’s boss! IM is actually used at Emily’s work kind of like inter-office mail, and it’s fun that she and I get to chat during the day when we need to about blog stuff, the terrible wonderful things our kids have been up to, etc.

So, Instant Messenger woks for me! For more brilliance, check out Rocks in My Dryer.

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9 Replies to “WFMW: Instant Messenger”

  1. I love IM too, but I can’t use it to talk to my husband because he is 1) computer illiterate, and 2) he’s a dirty construction worker who is nowhere near a computer all day. 🙁

  2. Great idea, but are you aware that businesses can or do save all conversations on email and IM (incoming and outgoing) networks in case they are needed for legal purposes. Some business review email and IM daily. Just wanted you to be aware. It is a common practice.

  3. Ah, I miss those days. Now hubby has some techie job for a government contractor and its locked down so tight, he can’t have his cell phone in the building, and they have no internet or email except an internal email network. Its crazy – he’s totally incognito while he’s there.

  4. My dh and I have totally fell in love with text messaging (with the iPhone). Problem is, he works in a concrete building with itty bitty windows, so if I text him at work, he doesn’t get it until he exits the building.
    Email seems to work well though as he can bop in and check in between patients.

  5. We used to have messenger at work but the younger girls F’d it up for everyone by using it to goof off and gossip all day so they took it away.

    Stupid young office girls…….

    You are right. It was awesome.

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