WFMW: More birthday party tips!

Jenny’s crazy birthday cake post yesterday made me think about Kate’s last birthday party, and it reminded me a of a fun little trick I learned then… so I thought I’d share it with you all for Works for Me Wednesday!

I didn’t come up with this myself, but I’m not sure of its origin, so I can’t give credit where credit is due, but one thing I did to simply the birthday party mayhem is that the night before, I scooped ice cream into cupcake liners, and then put them in the freezer.

That way, when it was time to serve the cake and ice cream the next day, all I had to do was put the pre-scooped ice cream in the fun little princess paper liners on plates and pass them around… no dipping required! This also helped with portion control – no more “Sorry, Aunt Myrtle, but we’re out of ice cream… could you share with Uncle Earl?”

It’s a small tip, but it made things easier, quicker and less messy when it came time for cake and ice cream.

The other thing I did to keep it simple was to order a cupcake cake from the local bakery (ahem, are you picking up what I’m laying down, Jenny??) so I didn’t have to cut anything, let alone bake it.

What tips do you have to make birthday parties easier? Leave a comment and let us know!

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10 Replies to “WFMW: More birthday party tips!”

  1. Wow! What a great tip!! You could even keep them in the cupcake pan in the freezer to minimize the splaying of the liner! Of course, they are little, so I’d have to eat two. Or three. 😉

  2. Absolutely ingenious!

    My tip is to skip the goody bag and simply have the kids do a craft during the party. For example, my daughter loves princesses, so we’ll be making princess wands and princess crowns out of foam. Voila! Instant party favors!

  3. Wow, what an awesome idea.

    I so wish my kids could still eat ice cream (they are both highly allergic to dairy) just so I could do this for them. Especially since my oldest son’s birthday is coming up next week.

    Thanks for the idea, I might just have to go pick up some sorbet!

  4. I love doing the bakery cupcakes too. For my first one I made an Elmo cake from the mold and after turning my guests teeth black from Elmo’s eyes and my carpet red with stains from Elmo’s fur I knew I had to change that idea. I love your ice cream idea. I am going to steal that one 🙂

  5. This is a great tip!

    I did this once and I KNOW it would have saved time…I just forgot about them on the day of the party! The mistake was saved, though, as I just had nice little premade scoops for my kids to snack on later in the week!

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