Hooked on Big Bang Theory

Today for the first time EVAH I’m participating in our pal Julia’s “Hooked on” carnival at Hooked on Houses! Emily and I first met Julia when riding and elevator with her at IKEA randomly when we were on our IKEA adventure, then we reunited with her at BlissDom! She is good people, and you should totally read her blog. Especially if you like HOUSES.

But anyways, you don’t have to be Hooked on Houses to participate in this carnival, which is good, ’cause here’s what I’m hooked on:

The TV show The Big Bang Theory on CBS. It is pretty much the funniest show in the history of the world! It’s about two PhD physicists (Leonard and Sheldon) and their two other nerdy friends who live a nerdly existence playing HALO and reading comic books all the while living across the hall from a beautiful yet unattainable blonde wannabe-actress.

And it is HILARIOUS.

The writing is amazing, and the character of Dr. Sheldon Cooper (on the right in the photo) played by Jim Parsons is HYSTERICAL! Not only is he a nerd, he’s a super-inflexible, OCD, narcissistic nerd with nary a social skill to be found. Or, as Leonard (played by Johnny Galecki) describes him, “Stuck between a rock and a crazy place.”

My hubby and I love this show so much, we bought each other season one on DVD for Valentine’s Day! Ahh, nerd love. Ain’t it grand?

So, I’m HOOKED on Big Bang Theory on Mondays on CBS! What are you hooked on? To see what’s got everyone else hooked, go visit Julia at Hooked on Houses!

Oh, and if you haven’t yet, don’t forget to check out this fun video I reviewed with Joshua!

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13 Replies to “Hooked on Big Bang Theory”

  1. So glad to have you joining my party today!!

    I only saw “Big Bang Theory” once, when it first began, and it really was funny. Just never got around to watching it again. Then someone told me the other day that it was inspired by that reality show “Beauty & the Geek”–something I’m totally addicted to–so I realized I should be watching. I’ll go set my DVR to record it right now so I don’t forget. Thanks!

    P.S. I was at Ikea again recently and kind of disappointed when I didn’t run into you in the elevator… Guess you might be taking the stairs from now on after what happened at BlissDom, though. 😉

  2. I’ve never seen “Big Bang Theory,” but it sounds like a great show! I love the premise and there is nothing better than good writing and acting. Thank you for the recommendation. I’ll have to tune in to watch it! ~Arleen

  3. John and I watch it too… started doing so since it was on before HIMYM, which we also enjoy watching.

    The sad thing is, John gets the star trek jokes so I laugh at him since he’s even nerdier than you. Anyway, I watch the show because it’s funny… and John likes it because he can identify with the characters, so I make fun of him, which makes the show doubly entertaining for me.

  4. Too freaky! Twins, I’m tellin’ ya! Love “BBT”. A real quandry since “Dancing With The Stars” is on against. I am “nerdily addicted” to DWTS. It makes me happy when I watch it. And I wanna’ dance!!! BBT Trivia…Sheldon and Leonard are named for TV writer and icon Leonard Sheldon who is Chuck Lorre’s hero. Sheldon wrote for Gomer Pyle, Andy Griffith, I Spy, Dick Van Dyke, and on and on.

  5. My husband and I also love BBT. We only watch three shows- BBT, How I Met Your Mother and The Office. 😀

  6. I love this show. My husband is a total geek. We joke that if he and his friends hadn’t gotten married that would be them. Just as an example: I asked him what they all chatted about when they riding back from a Nascar race (which makes it even funnier). His answer? Discreet math. I asked him if other math was flamboyant. He laughed and explained that it is the theory that the distance between 0 and 1 is no smaller than the distance between 0 and 100 because there are infinite number points possible between 0 and 1. Or something like that. That made my head hurt and I went to get ice cream.

  7. We just found this show recently too – and LOVE it! Ron bought the first season DVD and we’ve been catching up. It’s by far the funniest show that I’ve seen in a long time. 🙂

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